Yesterday on the ‘100 Eyes’ show it was revealed that Stu Whitney’s show was being temporarily canceled so it could be ‘revamped’ after losing the producer that put it together. Lalley claimed there was ‘a lot more production’ that went into the show. LOL. Besides the good news, bad news segment, the show was identical to ‘100 Eyes’ except it had guests.

But the bigger question is, what exactly does Stu do? Is he in charge of waiting for the next disaster to happen so he can write about it? Because besides tweeting sexist and rude comments and coming to mayor’s defense any chance he can get, I’m not sure Stu will be able to fill his time since he doesn’t have all that planning to do for his Tuesday show anymore, as riveting as it was.

The irony of all this was when the ‘100 Eyes’ group was talking about different blogs, Lalley said he checked in to mine the most because of the videos. Maybe the Argus would like to hire cameraman Bruce to be their new producer? Of course, it would require giving him an actual press pass, and that of course would make the mayor’s head explode like it was hit by a hundred swinging elbows.

And this is what folks do with the fine day God gave them. What a bunch of crap!

5 Thoughts on “Su Fu Stumbles

  1. Warren_Phear on June 14, 2016 at 8:20 pm said:

    Stu? When he was in the sports page, I never really gave his articles much thought. Its all black and white. The Lions suck. The Steelers rule. Pretty basic. But his new role? Split decision. Every time he throws his boss, huether, a softball to hit out of the park as his PR man, he surprises me with a really decent article. He has done two on teen suicides. I knew one well, my grandson the other. He did a really good job on a subject that is hard to write about. All I can say is he was fair and made us all think. Another he wrote just yesterday. Again. Fair and balanced. Unlike the 24/7 entertainment channel that claims to be.

  2. The D@ily Spin on June 15, 2016 at 3:00 am said:

    It does appear Stu represents the mayor. I thought he’d see city democratic and due process irregularities. Turns out, he’s but another ‘Yes Man’.

  3. I remember at least one sexist comment about Dannica Patrick only being able to finish a race because there wasn’t a shopping mall at one of the turns. Wow real professionalism and class there.

    How can you admit Stu gives Huether softball questions (which is putting it mildly) in one breath and say he is fair and balanced in the next?

    He’s shown he’s sexist, so he can’t be trusted to report women’s issues fairly, and he’s biased in favor of Huether, so he can’t be trusted to report city government issues without favoritism, why would I trust his articles in any other areas?

    Trick question. I don’t, and I no longer read them.

  4. The D@ily Spin on June 18, 2016 at 7:29 am said:

    Perhaps Stu should do propaganda Channel 16 stuff. Maybe not, he’s not related to anyone in City Personnel.

  5. Warren_Phear on June 18, 2016 at 8:34 am said:

    How can you admit Stu gives Huether softball questions (which is putting it mildly) in one breath and say he is fair and balanced in the next?

    Because I believe stu was fair and balanced in three articles does not by any means suggest I am going to go out and buy a jersey with his name on it. He has probably written 400 articles since his promotion from the sports pages. Going 3 for 400 means he’s batting a salty .007. Jersey worthy? Not a chance.

    I despise the donald as a human being. I like a lot of Bernie’s idea’s. The F-35 fighter jet program is a huge drain on American taxpayers, and would love to see it eliminated. Bernie supports this program, the donald opposes it. Does that mean I prefer this morally inept human being over Bernie? No chance. We all have to weigh the good vs the bad. trump is very much in the bad column in my opinion…as is whitney.

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