The Village Idiot calls Stehly a Lone Wolf


Since I have been writing this blog, I have been a strong advocate for open government, transparency and 1st Amendment free speech rights. I think you all know that. We may not always agree on what people have to say, but we have that right.

Theresa defended that Tuesday afternoon.

But to call Theresa a ‘Lone Wolf’ is the furthest thing from the truth. She has formed coalitions in every political activity she has been involved with. She has embraced the community and worked for them. It is no secret why Theresa is sitting on the council, because of her community involvement and sticking up for the little guy. I would call her ‘Mother Wolf’ before I would ever call her ‘Lone Wolf’.

Gawd, Rex, what the heck is wrong with you? Seriously Dude?!

Ironically, while everyone wants to blame her for the ‘drama’ if Rolfing would have just let her speak and not gaveled her (there was NOTHING confidential in what she was saying) there would have been no drama. And the chickensh*t council just sat there and let it happen. Wow!

As a citizen we have a right to transparency, the Argus Leader is in the middle of a lawsuit right now with the city over it. We talk often about transparency in our government, we get no where.

I know about the charges lobbed at Theresa (a butt hurt Chief of Police and moving chairs around Carnegie because of the 911 aniversary), they are petty, in fact not even worthy of blogging about, or an ethics charge, just prattle from perfect hair Mike.

This of course is NOT over, chickensh*ts and idiots get emboldened when they are embarrassed. They have there resources, and we have ours. You want a fight on transparency? You are going to get it. You are going to lose, big time.

First off, props to Cameraman Bruce and our credit on the video. Our cameras are always rolling.


#1 Bill on 09.21.16 at 10:25 pm

You reap what you sow. Every gardener should know that..

#2 The D@ily Spin on 09.22.16 at 10:13 am

If you take apart any of the other Councilors, especially Rolfing, there’s issues worse than anything about Stehly. Rolfing has no respect for Veterans. He mandates a uniform for public comment. He often breaks the mayors rule of not speaking without being recognized. Who should gavel who?

#3 The D@ily Spin on 09.22.16 at 10:40 am

Likely, the next mayor will be the Councilor with the most ethics complaints!!!

#4 The D@ily Spin on 09.22.16 at 10:44 am

Stehly for mayor. Mostly because she can appoint an ethics board against Rolfing. Oh yeah, of course, Sioux Falls should have their first woman mayor. However, I’ll vote for Amal Clooney any day.

#5 Observant Citizen on 09.22.16 at 11:14 am

Many videos focused on Rex reveal the explosive fire of hatred and anger burning within Rolfing as he tries to gag and control Theresa. It was open discussion and Theresa had every right to speak and request that all discussion in this accusatory matter be held in public.

Rex is the one out of control!!!!!!!!! And his accomplice, Kiley, is winking and directing him from the side as well as receiving prompts from City Attorney Pheifle, who was positioned in the front row of the audience to mouth directions to Kiley and Rex. Watch this video. Keep you eyes on Kiley!!!

It is very apparent to be organized and a group effort of conspiracy against Theresa.

#6 Enough of shape places and legacy of mmm on 09.22.16 at 2:26 pm

I sure hope we have qualified people in the future that is as honest as Theresa If not the deplorables will run us all into the poorhouse. Hearing erp talk about team work. If being a progressive is what these a clowns profess to be. I’ll be moving to beyond the city limits this time.

#7 l3wis on 09.22.16 at 4:28 pm

I’m getting more details, but I guess Rex tried to parody what happened at the info meeting during the CVB meeting today, he was pretending to gavel the crowd with an empty water bottle, the crowd didn’t think it was too funny, and they told him so.

#8 moses on 09.22.16 at 4:50 pm

Every one knows Rex is Rex,my way or the highway doesn’t work.

#9 Blasphemo on 09.23.16 at 11:49 am

#5: regarding “. . . explosive fire of hatred and anger burning within Rolfing as he tries to gag and control Theresa.” Many citizens present witnessed further evidence of that hatred which cameras may have not: immediately after Theresa exited the Council Chambers she was being interviewed one-on-one in the Carnegie entry foyer by a local print reporter. Rex came out of Council Chambers while the Information Meeting was presumably still in Executive Session, and inserted himself uninvited into Stehly’s conversation with the reporter. In the ensuing verbal exchange between the three, Rolfing put his index finger in Stehly’s face and made a one word demand: “QUIET !!”. This clearly illustrates the chauvinistic, bullying manner that Rolfing is predisposed to. This alone violates any reported “provisions calling for decorum and integrity among the members”. . . & “City ordinance (which) outlines rules of conduct for councilors, chief among them a level of decorum elected leaders carry themselves with during public meetings”. Rolfing would likely not have dared this stunt if he’d been challenging another Councilor of the same gender. If any Councilor should be called before the Ethics Board, it should be Rolfing. He should be held accountable and suffer any & all consequences for such despicable behavior.

#10 AnalogKid on 09.24.16 at 9:33 pm

Wasn’t it Rolfing who questioned the citizens right to garden in their own yard a couple years back? That’s the kind of ‘man’ he is..
Really more than him (I expect him to be a jerk) the other new council members I am in shock for not standing with Theresa, especially that Greg fellow and the woman seated next to her who campaigned on being a leader for the youth in education – Does she believe being a sellout is a good example of this marvelous education system she desires?

#11 anominous on 09.26.16 at 12:31 pm

I agree with Blasphemo #9 about bringing Rex up on ethics charges.

Also I’d like to add that Rex is someone’s attack dog, in keeping with the canine-metaphor of Rex’s dehumanizing blathering to the media.

Still left wondering who ordered this “Code Red” treatment on Theresa?

#12 l3wis on 09.26.16 at 1:38 pm