During the ‘Mayor High Crimes’ interview on the Belfrage show this morning, the mayor (bragged) that when the bonds sold last week all he heard was crickets, and the reason NO ONE was saying anything because people are in support of the building. He would say that, that’s like saying voting against an outdoor pool means the public wants an indoor pool, even if an indoor pool wasn’t on the ballot.

How quickly he forgets all the roadblocks he put up preventing the public and even the council from weighing in on this building, and he was successful to the end, there wasn’t much more we could do to prevent the sale.

Here is the chain of events that led up to the bond sale;

• Mayor breaks the tie with the council twice to approve the building construction and bond sale

• Mayor vetoes a majority of the council to repeal the bond sale

• Advisory vote fails to pass the city council

• Petition drive successfully collects 6,400 signatures and gets thrown out due to technicality that the city clerk didn’t notice when he stamped the petition

• Judge agrees with city clerk and city attorney that the technicality is enough to throw out the signatures

What about the what ifs?

• Even if the advisory election was approved, it may never of happened unless the mayor delayed the bond sale, the only person who had the power to delay the sale besides a judge.

• Even if the judge approved the petitions or the technicality DID not occur, a judge still would have had to intervene to stop the bond sale until an election, AND the council would have had to certify the petitions and set an election date, in turn getting a judge involved again to delay the sale.

While the mayor bragged about the crickets and couldn’t understand why more people were not fighting to stop the bond sale, there wasn’t anything left to do. He successfully roadblocked everyone who tried to stop this building, and expended tax dollars to do so (in legal fees, etc.).

It was the epitome of ethical corruption by the executive branch. One of the dirtiest sequence of tricks he has pulled since he has been mayor. That wasn’t silence you were hearing mayor high crimes, it was disgust.

6 Thoughts on “City Administration Bond Sale ‘Crickets’

  1. The D@ily Spin on October 25, 2016 at 6:16 pm said:

    Another way to describe mayor high crimes is obstruction of justice. One thing that’s certain is he doesn’t listen to or even represent the citizens of Sioux Falls. Hopefully, in 2018, we can run him off and watch him get laughed at when he runs for governor or congress. Meanwhile, he’s not funny.

  2. The Guy from Guernsey on October 26, 2016 at 7:23 am said:

    DId he expect something like the DAPL protest to block traffic on Dakota Ave and entry into the parking garage?

  3. The Guy from Guernsey on October 26, 2016 at 7:37 am said:

    Rather than disgust, I suggest the silence was due to “resignation”.

    After all of the Mayor’s actions which you detail in your post, who would waste the effort to ask him to halt, in the 11th hour, sale of these bonds? His comment makes it pretty clear that he completed sale of the bonds, with smugness and glee.

    He did seem a bit disappointed that there weren’t bodies of his vanquished opponents on which he could spike the football and do his victory dance. That he was deprived of that particular pleasure = Victory !

  4. “DId he expect something like the DAPL protest to block traffic on Dakota Ave and entry into the parking garage?”

    Or there will be blockages, like when Henry Carlson will be asking for more money to blast the quartzite out of the ground to build the parking garage basement of this POS building.

  5. To those who viewed our recent Ferris Bueller video, he wanted to dance / spar when he taunted us to come forward. His anger showed as never before. He hates citizens and shows it by the bullying tactics he uses.

    Watch him, especially the his eyes to see the hatred he has for us. He had me jailed, tried and lost causing to smiles. He cannot deal with wack-a-mole games. He has zero sense of humor, showing it as I sat in the back if the room giggling.

  6. According to da mayor we are building a 250 year building. Wow, wonder how they are going to manage this? Our 80 year old city hall is antiquated city hall, imagine what will be said about the Romantix Annex will be like in future generations.

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