Leaked letter of intent about future industrial park



#1 Warren on 10.04.16 at 12:43 pm

Foundation Park is a huge FAIL. Where is the media on this one? Belfrage? Don’t bother him. He’s too busy making excuses for trump. Local television? Chirping crickets. Argus? One article, and then move along, nothing to see here. Losing a 600,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse requires an electrical substation that needs more power than nearly all SD cities. Ever seen that substation? Next time you’re on I29 north, take a look at it, just north of the I90 interchange. Wondering why electrical rates have gone up? That substation answers that question. For the foreseeable future, all electrical needs at foundation can be met with 2 aaa batteries.

Storm sewer for Foundation? The city has appropriated $13,133,000 for developing area installation. How much for Foundation alone? Anyones guess.

Fresh water? $11,120,000 for Foundation Park and Arrowhead Parkway.

By far, the most wasted expenditure of all? Water reclamation. $8,840,000 for foundation in 2016. $28,890,000 in 2020. For all of these utilities, the major price concern deals with hooking up all the way to Foundation from existing utilities. Now, stop and think about this. Water reclamation wise, to the tune of the 37 million dollars we are spending, we have, right across the road from the water reclamation plant, another highly empty development park. This park sits idle, with all utilities ready to hook up to what? Blue Sky.

#2 The Guy from Guernsey on 10.05.16 at 12:55 pm

From the outset, Warren properly had this deal (the land acquisition; announcement of the inaugural and featured tenants as Logistics Buddy and The Fruit Club) pegged as All Hat and No Cattle.

#3 The Guy from Guernsey on 10.05.16 at 1:03 pm

From the SF Development Foundation News:
“Logistics Buddy is a multi-tiered financial project requiring participation from owners, investors and the state.”
What a shame they pulled out of Foundation Park prior to the announcement this past week of the federal economic development grant. They perhaps missed on the opportunity to add another investment tier [federal government] to the pyramid.