Re-Elect Pam Nelson for Minnehaha County Treasurer


#1 The D@ily Spin on 10.08.16 at 4:27 pm

Pam’s position is both political and practical. Knowing her, I wouldn’t call her a politician. She’s honest. She keeps the county budget balanced. Someone new would bring in Huether-like extravagant unjustified spending. Let’s keep her at least one more term. Longer but she’ll likely retire.

#2 John Kennedy Claussen, Sr. on 10.08.16 at 11:04 pm

If the South Dakota Democratic Party had a hall of fame, Pam Nelson would be in it, or at least a future inductee.

She is invariably the most successful and lasting South Dakota Democratic politician to come out of Minnehaha County in modern times as a member of the school board, state legislature, PUC, and now County Treasurer. Matched only in success by the likes of other successful Minnehaha County Democrats like Linda Barker and Michael O’Connor, Pam has a political life which stretches from the transitional period of Kneip to Janklow to the present.

With over thirty-five years of political involvement and success, Pam has established a credible political brand-name, which embraces a confidence which voters have in her as one who fights for what is right and who achieves results.

Although, not all of her races have been victories. Her phoenix capabilities are a test to her continual credibility with the voters of this county, which is further exemplified by the results that her aforementioned commercials demonstrate; and it would be a shame for the citizens of Minnehaha County, in a time when other county offices’ effectivenesses are in question, to not retain her as their County Treasurer in 2016…But I have a confidence not only in her, but also in the people of Minnehaha County that they will keep her as their public servant so as to assure that the people continue to be served effectively.