While oil spills are polluting our oceans and ground water and coal polluting our air, some people in Lincoln county are worried about the ‘noise’ from a wind turbine;

“It’s time for an update. At that time, wind turbines were not as large, not as powerful, not as prevalent and not as much was known, not much studies had been done on the effects on people and animals, the environment, the cost. Those things weren’t known,” added Peterson.

Maybe they are known, and the reason why all you are blowing is hot air.

“There are better green energy projects out there to produce electricity and we need to be looking at those. Those that protect the health and safety and economic welfare of the public, not ones that are going to destroy that,” said Canton resident, Cindy Thomas.

You mean solar energy, which is a good source, but much more square footage has to be used to provide as much energy from wind turbines. It has been proven time and time again that people most opposed to wind energy are just miffed because their land is not being leased for the project. There are really no health affects, just a lot of jealousy, which in reality can affect your ego more then anything.

6 Thoughts on “The wind haters are still spreading hot air

  1. The D@ily Spin on October 25, 2016 at 8:19 am said:

    They’re here! Lots of them. Enough to take the earth out of orbit. It’s been an economic stimulus with jobs. Practically, there’s been cheaper energy but not for long. The oil find in ND stymied it. Recent finds in SW. TX and Tulsa OK area are even bigger. Coal prices are down too. For the future, wind energy will be a compliment with other sources. The wind tower boom may be over. I like the idea of solar but geothermal and 37 magnetic can come in as more compliments. One thing for sure is this country will not depend on Middle East oil again. There are religious (Jerusalem) and humanitarian (Aleppo) reasons for being there. Troops from here and Russia can play war there without blowing up us nor they. Can’t we just get along? No, but blow things up on the other side of the world.

  2. I see the anti-science peeps won in Lincoln County. Hopefully the county commission will overturn the decision of planning based on pure bullshit.

  3. southern exposure on October 25, 2016 at 5:34 pm said:

    These wind people are cut from the ethanol cloth. More subsidies and kickbacks on an economically impractical, unfeesable and unsustainable Ponzi scheme. The difference being that a corn field isn’t as offensive as a 300 ft humming scarecrow !

  4. The best way to do solar (IMO) would be by changing SD law to allow for “net metering”, so that individual property owners could be PAID for any excess energy they generate over what they use from a lot of small rooftop installations. This means that the production capacity needs NO ADDITIONAL SPACE (if that’s your issue).

    As it stands, if your individual rooftop-style installation produces excess energy, it may reduce your bill to zero, but you still have to pay the “connection fee”. I.E. the power companies get to receive and resell the energy you produce for profit, and pay you NOTHING. Not a whoile sale rate even – but NOTHING AT ALL.

  5. Daily – I worked all summer on three large wind farms in ND (150 turbines each). In addition, there were at least three more as big or larger being built there. For next year (and the two following – ’cause it wil take that long) we are biffing on two MASSIVE wind farms in Iowa. One has 1000 turbines and the other 500. The boom in wind energy production is far outpacing the Bakken “oil boom” of the past few years.

    Been there, seen that, done that. You just stay secure in your rocker and keep readin’ “the news” and imagine you’ve got an ACTUAL clue.

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