Please forgive the shaky (side) camera, it was the second time Bruce’s assistant took a shot at filming, LOL!

5 Thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton Sioux Falls rally, Oct 5, 2016

  1. What’s everyones’ prediction for tomorrow? Here is mine:
    Clinton 283, Trump 255.

    Clinton will win as long as she holds onto Michigan, and Wisconsin and Minnesota will be closer than they should be….It’s going to be a nail biter.

    Trump will win most of the swing states, even NH and PA, but Clinton will win FL, NV, and CO thanks to the latino vote; and she will win VA thanks to the federal workers in Prince George and Fairfax counties who do not want to work for an erratic President Trump.

    The true irony of this election will be that Trump will have actually lost this race on his first day of campaigning when he attacked Mexicans, which over time gave NV, CO, and FL to Clinton thanks to the latino vote.

    An additional irony is that Trump’s ban on muslims coming to America will help Hillary hold Michigan thanks to a strong showing for her in the Dearborn area where many muslim Americans live.

    I have felt all long, since last fall, that Trump would be the nominee and likely the next president. So I make this Clinton prediction with some nervousness, because I strongly agree or understand and respect Michael Moore’s assessment of this race with a Trump win; but I question if Trump can now win when the latino vote is being recorded as we speak at % 150 over the 2012 numbers and Trump’s latino support is in the teens, while even Romney got 27% of it in 2012.

    If I am way off, well, you can all laugh at me on Wednesday, that is, if you are not all crying due to a Trump win; and if Hillary wins in a landslide, well, then you can really laugh at me…. 😉

  2. Trump could certainly win. But I will stick to my prediction two years ago that Hillary will be our next president (Heck, I predicted 8 years ago that she would be the next president after she lost to Obama).

    But I have the numbers a little tighter, Hillary 271, Trump 267.

    I will say this though, if Trump does pull it off, it will be by over 5%. I just think a Trump win would be overwhelming.

    The scenerio I have set up for my Republican friends is that either Hillary supporters are quietly supporting her at the polls, or not voting for either candidate. Hillary will certainly need her quiet supporters or she is screwed.

  3. L3wis, I agree that if Trump wins, it will be overwhelming, but my prediction of a Clinton win is more of an electoral college win and not necessarily a popularity win. If Clinton win this, it will because her people knew how to manipulate the map, while the Trump crowd is totally dependent upon the reality of a mass movement election….

  4. Warren on November 7, 2016 at 4:10 pm said:

    Trump has a one in three chance of winning. Two weeks ago it was one in six. Playing russian roulette with 2 bullets chambered instead of one is a bit riskier than it was two weeks ago, but she still is the odds on favorite. Her ground game should win the day in Pennsylvania and Florida. Then game over.

    What staggers me the most is knowing what could and will happen with a long shot trump win. The 2008 stock market crash will look like a bull market run compared to what wd could have in store for us. Ten percent drop within a week, thirty percent drop by the first of the year, fifty percent by inauguration, and then a slow grhelling death spiral to even lower levels. One thing this stock market, this nation, and this world cannot handle is instability. trump is the poster boy for a human being that is unstable.

  5. duggersd on November 9, 2016 at 8:16 pm said:

    Warren, wanna bet? Actually, there was quite the rally today. If Trump has his way, there will be major growth in the economy. Already, investors are recognizing decreasing the corporate income tax and removing restrictive regulations will improve the economy.

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