CityLink Propaganda Video a Waste of time and taxdollars, just like the ambulance service

The video still doesn’t touch on the super secret pilot program. Jill Franken, REMSA, and PP act like they are going to secure Mosul;

In an effort to make a good system even better, the Sioux Falls EMS system is conducting a two-month pilot project with a goal of optimizing the use of EMS resources in the community. During this time, the EMS system will enhance the use of technology and test and increase its focus on call and scene reprioritizations as appropriate. The pilot project will end by November 30, and preliminary results will be available by the end of 2016. Goals include using mutual aid resources only when necessary and keeping fire department resources available to respond to emergency calls in their own response areas.

In other words cutting back services, but charging the same rates and taxes for ambulance and fire service.

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#1 scott on 11.07.16 at 7:54 pm

“In other words cutting back services, but charging the same rates”

that’s how you run the city like a business.