Not sure if any of this will come to fruition, but I will try my best to see some of the things through. We may have to wait for 2018 before some of these goals can be achieved (also feel free to add any of your ideas to the comments section);

• End Mike Huether’s political career. Trust me, I would be just fine with him resigning early from being our mayor, but since that is probably not going to happen, making his last term as lame as possible would be just fine. Hopefully, this will quell any ideas he may have for higher office.

• The SD Supreme Court rules in favor of the Argus Leader for the Events Center siding settlement to go public.

• Eventually getting most of the city’s committee meetings recorded, either audio or visual or both and posted on the city website.

• END the debate on public input and leave it as is if not more open.

• The NEW internal auditor ends the cozy relationship with the mayor’s administration and becomes truly independent (I’ll have more on this in the future).

• Expose the mis-management of the Washington Pavilion over the years.

• Get the city attorney to resign and have the council appoint someone who also works with them.

• End the bullying of the Sioux Falls City Council Leadership and Appoint Erickson as the next Chair.

• Expose the Mayor’s private development investments – if there is any.

• Get recreational & agricultural marijuana on the ballot.

• Create an independent Ethics Commission in Pierre.

• Reduce violent crime rates in Sioux Falls and the state.

• Embrace diversity in cultures and the LBGTQ community.

• Rebuild the SD Democratic Party by cleaning house.

• Make Project TRIM a public service.

• Either gift or contract for deed the old ice center property to the Glory House so they can expand affordable housing for ex-cons.

• Update DaCola with more vids and better connectivity.

By l3wis

6 thoughts on “2017 Wish List for Sioux Falls and South Dakota”
  1. Getting all the City’s advisory board meetings recorded is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, state law protects these boards from being truly transparent.

    Example: Parks and Rec Board. They operate with a committee structure, consequently almost all business is discussed behind closed doors and all the public will ever see are the end decisions they have made. I support the move to record all city advisory board meetings, but I also think the final result will be to just drive them further underground.

    Public Input at City Council Meetings: I am one among many citizens whom I believe is very weary of hearing several individuals give WEEKLY public input involving grudges they have with the city. No one is listening to their stories, presentations, threats……at this point, everyone, including the Council and Mayor, could benefit from ‘Less is More…..”.

    Good-Bye to the City’s tool: Rich Oskhol, hopefully the next auditor will actually do their job!

    Expose MMM’s investments in SF private development since 2010, including those investments he has made using his wife, Cindy, to shield this from public view.

  2. Have never experienced a connectivety issue with your site. Have you ever considered Twitter? Seems to be working in a grand, grand way for the peotus.

  3. I’m with you on everything except appoint Starr as council chair. He voted with Stehly for Stop the Funding. I don’t like Stehly on the council. She’s honest, caring, and can’t be corrupted. She must always stay this way and can’t to blend with council crooks. Likely, Erickson will not run again. It takes time and Starr is the best hope for restoring city democracy.

  4. Public comment is important. The inept mayor and council should have to sit through filibuster punishment. I’ve thought about hiring people to keep it long and arduous. I’ve been studying Robert’s Rules looking for more ways to contest and demonstrate against the unconstitutional city charter.

  5. Robert’s Rules originated in 1876. It’s revised annually and now 720 pages. It does not protect Public Comment. Congratulate councilors. I suspect it’s they who’ve preserved it. Robert’s protects members of the council preventing intragovernmental attacks. Stehly could sue Rolfing for libel because he brought council opinion into the public. I’m assuming he was warned and learned to STFU.

    The public is protected via state sunshine law. Anyone (especially the Argus) can formally file an information request. No doubt this is the premise for the EC case. I suspect there will be a fine if not a prison sentence for contempt of court. Subject will be the city clerk and attorney.

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