Here we go, the great questions of Lincoln County are debated. Do we grow or do we die? Do we just break wind or do we use it? To wind or not to wind? Is it selfishness or purity? The County Commission on November 22, 2016 heard several versions of these questions.

The rural southern part of the county has had a serious hurt on the more urban sprawl northern section and it seems the two will never meet until the farmers are pushed out. Farmers are important and so is peace of mind but as you listen to this meeting keep in mind, no one wants to find a way to compromise.

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “Do we just break wind or do we Harness it? Lincoln County Commission 2016”
  1. Fortune magazine last month had interesting data. Everything seems toward wind energy future. I’m oriented that way because it’s environmentally friendly and South Dakota has lots of wind. I’d say let this play itself out but don’t be late. We don’t have coal or hydro. Ethanol is just stupid. Let the market decide. Any development is welcome. Even big propellers on land that’s hardly profitable otherwise.

  2. I planned cellular in Wyoming. Nobody lived where there was a major network. The joke was jackrabbits need cell phones. Turns out it was methane gas wells every 500′ automatically meter reporting. Whatever a states’ resource, you must keep current with the market or you’ll get left behind.

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