Glory to the IcePlex (Jan 17, 2017)

Is the move on or is the mayor’s hissy fit on? Why did the mayor of Sioux Falls put on a full court press against the Glory House on January 17, 2017? The Sioux Falls City Council decided to explore the options of legally gifting the old IcePlex land to the Glory House and the mayor sent his big guns in to shoot it down.

This Council vote was to set up the discussion process, it does not give the building and land to the Glory House. It is the first of 4 votes necessary to accomplish the gifting. If at any point the process falls apart, the property does not transfer. So why is the mayor so afraid of the first step?

As we write and post this video, the mayor still has not signed the formal paperwork. One of those things that makes you go HMMMMMM?


#1 l3wis on 01.22.17 at 4:36 pm

So someone posed these questions to me, and I will do my best to explain, but if anyone else wants to chime in, go for it.

“Help me understand why the city (we, the taxpayer) should gift this building and land to Glory House?

I think it sets a dangerous precedent. If I were Lutheran Social Services, I’d be buddying-up to the Council right now to get the adjacent one acre of BNSF land along 6th Street downtown donated once the city takes possession.

The city would never give a non-profit a $400,000 cash donation, so why make this deal? And what’s to say that Glory House doesn’t turn around and sell it once 49th Street goes through? Like I said, help me understand why this move makes sense.”

First off, this resolution was the first step in 4 steps. It must pass the muster of the council 3 more times before any land is gifted or even purchased. As for the terms of the agreement. The Glory House must guarantee they have investors who will develop the land for apartments. If the GH falls short on ANY of their agreements, the land goes straight back to the city. No questions asked. In other words, the GH may never get the investment they need, so it may all be moot.

As for comparing LSS to the GH. I don’t see that. When we keep ex-cons out of jail, we save tax money. People who commit crime in our state, county or city are residents, many of the people LSS helps are immigrants that are brought into our community. Don’t want to split hair here, but there is a difference.

As for giveaways, besides the millions we have given to private tennis, ice, swimming, football, and the list goes on, keeping ex-cons out of jail and having them get jobs and pay taxes contributes a hell of a lot more to the city then special interest sports.

Also, just over a year ago we gave city property, a street, that was worth over a million dollars to a car dealership. Not once did anyone on the council or mayors office ask for payment. I guess if you think giving a private dealership owned by a multi-millionaire so he can build a bigger parking sales lot more important then helping keep people out of jail, you are welcome to your opinion. But I don’t have one single iota of an issue with giving a POS tin building to the GH.

#2 My Mistake Mike on 01.22.17 at 6:49 pm

Thanks, l3wis. I’d go a step further on the street gift to Billion. As a result, Billion tore down close to 20 affordable homes near 41st & Minnesota.

Add to that all of the homes that both hospitals demo each year for surface parking. These homes are in the central city near jobs, grocery stores, public transit, etc.

The solution – millions of tax dollars now being spent to construct low-income housing on the outskirts of town … close to nothing. And the mayor and council pat themselves on the back. Such a missed opportunity.

#3 Warren Phear on 01.22.17 at 6:52 pm

The mayor said at Sunnycrest Tiesday afternoon this was a surprise resolution, too wuick for him to pass judgement. BS. His words were almost the same as turbaks. Sales tax revenue down. Thrifty this. Thrifty that. If turbak was so concerned about dwindling sales tax revenue, maybe he should not have accepted that raise from 162k to 173k. The mayor will see to it that land is never gifted. Like most of the other things he said at his Tuesday presentation at Sunnycrest, just another lie.

#4 The D@ily Spin on 01.22.17 at 8:44 pm

What’s the benefit? It’s one less property for the city to maintain (budget savings). I’d like to see the council overrule the mayor on this. It’s notice he’s not as powerful as he thinks he is. Is this a petition subject. How about a petition for a vote to give Washington Pavilion to a publicly traded casino corporation. Think of the sales tax revenue. Keep Huether crying and throwing childish tantrums.

#5 Father of Three on 01.23.17 at 1:29 am

You need to use the correct terminology when talking of mis-truths that politicians say, they are not lies, they are alternate truths.

#6 Joe Smith on 01.23.17 at 7:29 am

I don’t often agree with the Mayor, but in this case I wholeheartedly agree. I am basing my opinions from personal experience. I believe the first comment here stated the job is to keep the Glory House residents out of prison…that is, of course, as long as you agree with the Executive Director since that is the tool he uses to make sure everyone agrees with him. And for the record, I did not agree with the Exec. Dir. many times and was threatened but I was fortunate that I had a good lawyer and a probation officer that knew the crap that goes on at Glory House. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Exec. Dir is one of the “investors” in this apartment complex if it gets approved. I’m glad the Mayor is bucking this and wish more council members would do some more digging.

#7 Bruce on 01.23.17 at 7:32 am

Heard this may have upset some neighboring property owners or speculators who consider this property prime for development after 49th street is extended several years from now. There is neighboring property deals this might interfere with.

#8 The D@ily Spin on 01.23.17 at 8:30 am

It’s a city some love that doesn’t love anyone back.