Mike Rounds proves just how creepy he really is

Funny for a guy who weaseled his way out of the EB-5 scandals, he sure is paranoid of who is calling him. I even cracked a joke the other night, the reason I like being involved in local government is because I can call my local lawmakers (city and county) and they will talk to me about concerns, where if you have to get a hold of our DC delegation – good luck. Now it appears, Rounds is doing background checks on people who just want to ask him a question. Super creepy;

But Ellis smelled something else fishy about Senator Rounds’s response. It was addressed to Ellis by her full name, including her middle name, which she did not give over the phone. It was sent to her son’s e-mail address, which she did not provide to the Senator’s staff. Ellis’s son has never provided that e-mail address to Senator Rounds’s office; Ellis says her son has never contacted any elected official and has zero political involvement. (She’s working on changing that.)

Curious, Ellis called the office back. She asked about her son’s e-mail address; Rounds staff couldn’t explain how that address had gotten into their system. She asked about the use of her middle name; Rounds staff said something about how birth certificates are public record.

Umm… really? The South Dakota Department of Health says birth records are not open for public inspection. You can’t just go browsing birth certificates; you have to file an application and pay a fee.

This is the kind of crazy 1984 crap these people believe in. I warned people about how twisted Mr. Rounds was when he was running for senate, and it seems it continues.


#1 Briggs on 01.23.17 at 5:02 pm

The most likely outcome is Rounds uses either NationBuilder or I360 which are both Republican focused to keep track and manage responses. Having worked with a similary software package, it will have suprising amounts of information on people. So the ability for it to have Her full name linked to her son’s email account is not suprising since some of the data is bought from third party vendors.

#2 LJL on 01.23.17 at 7:52 pm

BAHAHA… I just did a simple query of miss ellis and found that info. She’s got over 50 pages with her info on it. The lady on the phone at Rounds office was the moron that mentioned the birth certificate.

You really dug up a gem on that story Columbo

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