In Mayor Huether’s ‘Home Stretch’ interview with Meti-Stormland-Sick Kids TV today he mentions all the things he plans to get done before he leaves office. In the entire interview there is NO mention of fighting crime.


Maybe Leland left it out, not sure, but it’s pretty pathetic to do an interview about your last 14 months in office and not mention ONCE the growing crime problem in SF.

One of the things the Mayor will have to deal with is slumping sales tax revenue. Huether says that issue will last past his time as Mayor, and will affect the next Mayor.

And like crime, he plans to pass it on. That’s leadership folks, GW Bush style.

One Thought on “Huether fails to mention the skyrocketing crime problem in Sioux Falls

  1. If you look at the electoral successes of our Mayor in his two races to be mayor, as well as the vote concerning the Events Center, you will notice that his political successes in these races are the result of voting precincts primarily south of I 229, which is an area least touched by the rising crime in this town in recent years. Which further explains why there appears to be an indifference to the crime issue in this town in recent years by the Mayor and his political friends both on and off the Council.

    Thus, it is fair to say that the crime issue in this town is another example of the “Tale of Two Cities” reality which exists in this town. Where crime, along with affordable housing, and decent wages all illustrate how there is a true disconnect between the actual politics of our town versus the true political need or needs that are wanting in this town for the greater good…..

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