2017 National City Survey results released today after a week of silence

UPDATED: At the Sioux Falls City Council informational meeting, the results will be released to the public. (They are now available on SIRE)* While this survey is paid for by tax payers and filled out by tax payers, the administration gets to pick through the results for over a week before we get to see it. Even more ironically, even though this comes out of the city council budget, the mayor still picks through the results days ahead of the council.

We often hear the same tired old argument from the administration, trust us, we are not doing anything wrong or controversial, but we still can’t share. The results of this survey being a secret for well over a week or more just proves why transparency is so important. On top of that, if the mayor was manipulating the results before sharing with the council or public, what is stopping him? Nothing. Because it is a secret. I wouldn’t hold the results of this survey with a grain of salt.

*Update: Just looking at them quickly, two things stick out; About 75% of approval ratings are down over the past two years. People are getting more and more frustrated about our roads.

The below comment is from the random comments section under ‘OTHER’. It wasn’t the only one in reference to our mayor AND council. But what I found ironic about this is that our mayor consistently complains about anon comments on social media and blogs, but it seems people are making those comments on an official city survey also.

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#1 The D@ily Spin on 04.04.17 at 7:56 pm

There’s lots of ways to get around transparency and truth when the mayor translates a troubling survey into his version of the gospel according to ISIS.