300 Pitchfork Annexation Meeting (April 26, 2017)

The mayor of all he knows says the people are coming with pitchforks. We ask you to watch this respectful group of 300 Sioux Falls citizens and neighbors to find any pitchforks. There weren’t any.

Just because the undemocratic rudderless leadership of Sioux Falls is upset with their lack of inclusion da mayor tells a radio host we citizens are taking over with pitchforks to get our way. And we wonder why Washington is screwed up when all we have to do is look at the bully ways our local government is trying to do things. Isn’t it too bad our citizens are asking for their right to be upheld?

The April 26, 2017 second meeting of the Annexation Task Force led by Councilor Rick Kiley is a good example of letting the people in on the discourse. We congratulate him on extending the meeting an hour to let the audience partake.

An audience member decided to bring a reminders of the hubris and arrogance of da mayor’s statement by bringing printed out pitchforks. It was a funny and cute polite response to a stupid remark, showing a lack of real leadership.

The people of Sioux Falls are showing they are tired of living in a one size fits all, beige Orwellian world of doublespeak. When da mayor speaks of running for statewide office, changing his party because it might be hard to win, then changes his bullheaded stance on annexation because it might hard, then can’t make up his mind on which higher office he is going after because it might be hard, how do you think he would do in any future campaign after he has shown he would rather switch than fight?

Biff from Back to the Future comes to mind, an arrogant bully who will use his intimidation power to get his way or run away.

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#1 Warren Phear on 05.01.17 at 7:03 am

Kiley again expresses the meeting is not about any individual islands and to not bring up individual subdivision concerns during public input.

Divide and conquer. One subdivision at a time. The task force also says there is no timetable for annexation. I for one, believe there is. So for how many months, years, decades, are these residents homes now as toxic as Chernobyl?