Good thing we picked the ‘Most Qualified’ ambulance service

Looks like we enjoyed the ambulance vetting process so much, we MIGHT get to go through it again, soon;

South Dakota is not listed in the government’s lawsuit. Sioux Falls Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority says there was no profit cap for Paramedics Plus here.

However, when it got the contract in Sioux Falls, Paramedics Plus said it was making a $1.7 million investment into the REMSA system.

Meanwhile, East Texas Medical Center will merge its two ambulance services, EMS and Paramedics Plus, and spin off the division as a separate entity and is looking for a new partner to run it.

Paramedics Plus President Ron Schwartz says he it doesn’t anticipate any change in the ambulance workforce or management structure.

So what does that mean? Well if new partners join PP, that that may mean the contract has to be renewed with the new company. Not sure.

I found this comment attached to the story;

I worked at 9-1-1 for many years and it wasn’t until Paramedica Plus got the contract that I had ever heard of a level zero for ambulance response. For who ever it was on the city council to say that Paramedics Plus is living up to their contract and the responses are within the guidelines of the contract is abhorent. It is only acceptable when it’s not you or family. Get rid of Paramedics plus and get rid of what ever politicians who thinks that this contract is acceptable.

I guess we will never know what they are doing to eliminate the issue. The ‘Pilot’ program was performed under a cloak of secrecy.

Fitch did an analysis of Minnehaha County’s ambulance service, yesterday at the CC meeting (starts at 14:00)

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#1 anonymous on 04.06.17 at 3:22 pm

There’s something shady about that guy who runs Sioux Falls Paramedics Plus.