Is Huether using the media to take the temperature of voters?

Argus Leader‘s Stu Whitney is doing a two-part interview with Huether about his political future. Not sure what, if anything will be revealed. We have been down the road of Huether crying wolf several times over the past couple of months. From his changing registration to indy press conference, to his several non announcements with B-N-B and Brian Allen. Will this time be any different?

I wonder if Huether is using Whitney to take the temperature of voters if or what he should run for. I think Congress would be his road of least resistance. But he has had his eye on governor for years. I think he would have a better chance of beating Noem then Jackley, but I also think his chances of winning are higher facing Krebs or Johnson. There is also the rumor that he may hope Diamond Jim wins as mayor and pose as a placeholder so Huether can run for the job again in 2022 (like he is Janklow 🙁

So, I guess we will wait and see if he pulls the trigger, or if he continues to cry wolf about a possible state wide run.

Personally, if I was the Publisher of the AL or Whitney, I would have made it clear with Huether there would be NO interview unless he was making an official announcement.


#1 Larry on 04.20.17 at 11:14 pm

The Argus is in no place to be putting conditions on interviews. They are slowly but surely dying so in their desperation to stay relevant, will lap up most any interview opportunity with a Huether-level person.

#2 The D@ily Spin on 04.21.17 at 10:23 am

It seems to me Whitney is aligned with corrupt city government. I wouldn’t be surprised if his paycheck comes from Denny. I agree, the Argus will take anything it can get. Especially something that doesn’t cost them travel or research. I’m sympathetic because it’s what they must do to prolong their demise.

#3 Reliable Voter on 04.21.17 at 8:04 pm

I predict the interview will look like this – with Whitney playing the part of Gypsy, the Mayor as Crow.

#4 Bruce on 04.23.17 at 7:36 am

Anyone who reads the article should take one thing away from it, self-centered. The guy is always about himself and what everyone else can do for him. If he does not get you to do what he wants he will bully, get angry or get physical. The city employees of Sioux Falls have been forced to lie or create truths to promote his dreams. The “programs” and “projects” he is proudest of have cost us taxpayers millions and will likely cost our future generations billions.

No one should trust this Pied Piper of failed vanity dreams. He has done nothing to help Sioux Falls except show how the almost dictatorial strong mayor form of Sioux Falls is the wrong method of Home Rule Charter.

I believe in the concept of Home Rule Charter but not the way is has been allowed mature.
* We citizens must unite to strip the mayor’s office back to one of administration based on City Council policy directions.
* The mayor should not lead the Council.
* The mayor should not be considered a member of the Council.
* The mayor should be required to attend all City Council meetings but sit in the audience to answer questions the Council might have and to cast tie breaking votes.
* The Council and mayor should alternate board and commission appointments.

There are more reforms we could discuss. The Stu Whitney piece illustrates how out of control MMM is. His ego knows no bounds and with his selection of the Mexican Harley guy to take his place, you know there will be more interference and protection of the MMM legacy.

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