Local media typo of the day

I often get a chuckle out of some of the typos from our local media, but this one really made me laugh. I heard that community theatre is going to follow this production up with ‘Godswell’ 🙂


#1 scott on 04.20.17 at 8:53 pm

back in 1988, during the presidential race when candidates actually came to south dakota, dukakis was speaking somewhere, and the kdlt news photographer fell off the riser as his camera was rolling. the chyron operator (that’s what they called graphics back in the day) meant to spell oops, but in typical kdlt fashion spelled it “opps”.

#2 Emoluments Clause on 04.20.17 at 9:33 pm

My favorite local media typo or blooper was from the early 1990s. It wasn’t on Kelo. It was either Kdlt or Ksfy. The story had to do with a local college student having been picked for a Rhodes Scholarship. This story broke on a weekend with the weekend news crew in charge, and the anchor made mention of the scholarship just before they broke to a commercial. The anchor stated that when they returned from the commercial sponsorships that they would tell more about the story. Just before they broke for the commercials, they showed a graphic of a black road with white markers, which noted “Roads Scholarhip”…… I am not kidding.

But another good blooper in local TV history is this one. It may be the best one ever:


#3 l3wis on 04.20.17 at 9:47 pm

Remember the Roosevelt Bus incident? The KDLT weekend anchor (who was a woman) said ‘blowjob’ on air. Funny stuff.

#4 Emoluments Clause on 04.20.17 at 10:00 pm

I forgot about that one….. 😉

#5 The D@ily Spin on 04.21.17 at 10:37 am

It’s nice to see the Orpheum theater open for a change. It’s a Munson folly that hasn’t paid for itself. If this city can afford to waste money on this and the Washout Pavilion, they can afford to give land to Glory House and steer them a financial assist.

If convicts take tennis lessons at Match Point, will you find them a job and place to live?