Argus does Feature on Populist Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly

Amazing article on my very courageous friend, Theresa Stehly.

“My colleagues didn’t bring me to the table,” she says. “The voters did.”

That quote alone says Stehly ‘Gets it’ when it comes to municipal governance, she will always know who her boss is.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 05.19.17 at 5:18 pm

Unfortunately, she’s a Lone Ranger. The council is bought and paid for. There’ll be changes come the next election. To late, there’s no money left. It got spent on the mayor for concerts, tennis, and a spa.

#2 Briggs warren on 05.19.17 at 6:39 pm

Now if only we could duplicate her and councilor Starr. For those looking to run in the future they are setting the example to follow.