Big Money in the Sioux Falls School Board Election (at least one candidate)

I’m still waiting to get the actual financial filing documents that the school board candidates had to file yesterday, but the early results are startling.

Mickelson seems to have the SF GOP behind her in fundraising (though she says she is independent from her husband). She has raised $20,000 and spent $7,800. Makes you wonder if a couple of invoices were held off until June 1st. Like I said before, her signage alone around town has to be close to $10-12K.

Dobberpuhl has raised around $2,000 and spent the entire amount.

Not sure if the other candidates have raised any or spent. I do know that Robinson does have some yard signs up and has given out printed handouts.

I expect a full on media push by Mickelson in this last week. Like I said, though the school board is a non-partisan race, the SD and SF GOP just can’t stand to let one of theirs lose, so they will outspend the other candidates, which seems at this point by ten-fold.

Pretty pathetic when voter turnout MIGHT hit 2,000 voters. Divide and conquer, the Republican way.


#1 Emoluments Clause on 05.31.17 at 2:24 pm

$ 20000 is a pretty cheap and good investment for the Chamber community, however.

For $20000 they are getting a board member who will help to facilitate the business communities’ hijacking of our local educational system – a hijacking which will work to merely turn our schools into vo-tech schools for many, unfortunately.

There was a time when our school districts were set-up to develop the individual and empower a well rounded student. But if Mickelson and the “workforce development” crowed get their way, they will hijack our local school system in a way which will take it from an American model of education to one of a Japanese or European model. Where the channeling of young students merely for the sake of the economy will only produce more students who are not well rounded. Resulting in a city, state, and nation, which further lack citizens who are capable of being fully well rounded for the sake of an effective democratic society. And instead, unfortunately, their policies will merely produce cogs for the business communities’ self interests.

#2 Blasphemo on 05.31.17 at 6:31 pm

Mickelson’s campaign marketing obviously relies heavily on the local business community (read: mostly commercial property leasing agents) who have apparently granted her permission to erect her garish wood-framed signs next to their ‘permanent-temporary’ “FOR LEASE” signs along all our major thoroughfares. While one or more prior city council candidates, for example, have ponied up the money to actually buy billboards for this kind of exposure, Mikelson’s cozy relationship with the local conservative business mafia let her increase our urban clutter significantly AND get major voter impressions for the mere cost of paper, nails and a few two-by-fours. If this lawyer politician’s wife career service board member’s dedication to our city’s children is such an inspiration to her very own Facebook Admiration Society, why is such a “shock-and-awe-aiming-a-howitzer-at-a-canary” gross expenditure campaign blitz necessary? It’s disgusting. No. Not enough political legacy in her family already. No. Not enough Republican influence on public matters. No. Not enough personal income as an attorney. No. MUST HAVE MORE POWER AND INFLUENCE to further the Republican elitist agenda!! We can only hope the large number of wage earning voter-parents who aren’t part of this rareified class have the sense to vote against more of this government of, for and by the big money puppeteers.

#3 scott on 05.31.17 at 7:27 pm

and yet i’m sure mrs. michelson wouldn’t dream of her kids going to votech to become welders.

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