Sioux Falls New Fire Chief, Goodroad says Canton is a good community to raise children in

I know what you are thinking, that was really nice of him to say such a gracious thing about our neighboring town that doesn’t employee him for 6 figures a year.

So why would he say this?

Well according to a SF City Councilor who recently spoke with the new chief, this was his response when the councilor asked him why he lives in Canton instead of Sioux Falls (maybe hinting the new fire chief should probably live here and spend his 6-figure salary here instead of in Canton).

WOW! What a vote of confidence from the guy who now is in charge of fighting fires and disasters in Sioux Falls. It’s much better in Canton. Maybe we should have lured Canton’s Fire Chief to come work for us instead?

This of course brings up my old beef about city department heads living in Sioux Falls. Maybe our tax revenue is down in boomtown because all these 6-figure directors don’t spend their bread here?

Goodroad was going to become fire chief anyway. Rumor has it he was endorsed by the Union President and Sideras way before Jim announced his retirement. It was no split second decision by the mayor to appoint Brad as temp Fire Chief and ultimately giving him the job full-time.

I think it is time to recommend to the next Charter Revision Commission that we incorporate a new city ordinance that requires city directors to live in the jurisdiction of Sioux Falls, or at least those that deal with safety, like the Chief of Police and Fire. This is just makes sense folks.


#1 Sheeple on 05.26.17 at 3:46 pm

He spends his weekends out of town too at his vacation spot with his other investment buddies (including Sideras).

He must not like Sioux Falls very much at all. Apparently Goodroad only comes here long enough to work and that’s it.

#2 The D@ily Spin on 05.26.17 at 5:48 pm

When city personnel set an example, isn’t it time for us to look at living in surrounding suburbs? To much crime in Sioux Falls. There’s better infrastructure in neighboring cities. There’s DEMOCRACY and TRANSPARENCY. The city council is not a groupie fan club in smaller cities without Strong Arm Mayor Charter. Now, it’s safer in smaller cities where the fire chief can respond to a major fire without a 30 minute commute.

#3 Emoluments Clause on 05.26.17 at 6:17 pm

Sioux Falls is becoming the new Pierre. Civic and political leaders don’t spend any more time here than necessary. Thank goodness for teleconferencing and Skype, huh?

No wonder the WSJ likes to sponsor videos about our executive home possibilities in Sioux Falls. It’s an attempt to negate the negatives (Is that a double negative? (In more ways than one, I am afraid.)).

#4 Warren Phear on 05.26.17 at 7:19 pm

I’m confused. The vast majority of Canton does not have curb, gutter, and sidewalk. How can this possibly be safe?!?!

#5 Mama Bear on 05.26.17 at 7:27 pm

Ridiculous. Department heads should live within city limits of their job, and vote within the city limits they work in. Sioux Falls is good enough to pay him six figures, but not good enough to live in? Buddy system is still a priority in city government, obviously. Disgraceful.

#6 Loki on 05.26.17 at 8:14 pm

And one of Goodroad’s first concerns he voiced was about increasing the department’s social media presence.


Go to the City website and look at the property loss due to fires over the last few years. It has more than doubled. Why?

What is the fire department’s plan to deal with the growing ambulance shortage problem? Tweet about it?

It won’t matter he doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing. The council won’t ask any hard questions, they’ll just rubber stamp the mayor’s pick.

#7 Southpaw on 05.26.17 at 8:32 pm

Highly doubt Goodroad is going to care what anyone on this blog thinks he should do with his weekend time. Laughable.

#8 My Mistake Mike on 05.26.17 at 9:32 pm

Goodroad will be gone in a year when the next mayor takes over.

#9 Not a Fan on 05.26.17 at 11:24 pm

Southpaw – You are right, Goodroad probably doesn’t care.

And my guess is with your ‘citizens/voters opinions don’t matter’ attitude, you probably work for the city yourself.

Major emergencies happen on weekends too and a 4 hour response time from the chief from his lake home isn’t acceptable.

If he wants to ignore public opinion or scrutiny, he can get a private-sector job, something not funded with tax dollars.

#10 Larry on 05.26.17 at 11:52 pm

Makes sense? Precious few clear-thinking folks look here for direction on what makes sense. Please…

#11 MK on 05.27.17 at 8:38 am

It sounds like Huether did what was right for himself politically and picked a chief that would be popular with the fireman to keep them quiet when what was needed was to go outside the department and select a chief who would run things right.

#12 anonymous on 05.27.17 at 3:35 pm

Goodroad lives in Canton.

Jodi Fick, Director of Siouxland Libraries, lives in Minnesota.

What other City Directors live outside of Sioux Falls city limits?

#13 Sandman on 05.27.17 at 9:08 pm

I bet all the Directors shop on Amazon too screwing the city out of tax revenue that could help pay their salaries. The Council must stop this madness.

#14 The D@ily Spin on 05.28.17 at 10:02 am

Like most fire and police chiefs, he’ll be around a year then take his golden retirement at top rank. Disgusting!

#15 BFG on 05.28.17 at 6:29 pm

That’s funny. 15-20 years ago I would have said you don’t have to worry about Goodroad being around long or getting into politics after a dumb comment like that.

But nowadays Sioux Falls will be lucky if that’s the dumbest thing he does while he’s chief.

I agree with the MMM & MK posts, this department has had a few too many scandals, the next Mayor (because you know the council will approve this Mayor’s choice no questions asked) should get rid of the current internal chief and go outside for a new chief.