Arts & Economic Prosperity Study (in Sioux Falls Area)

I have received a copy of the study, the FULL document is attached below.

Once you start to look at the study, it is obvious the National organization uses a boilerplate for the study, so a lot of the data in the study, or mostly the quotes are from that.

On page 3 they give our local data and economic impact, which is impressive; $105 million dollars.

Than some numbers get a little skewed. For instance on page 4 they say the average household income in SF is $71K, which is much higher than the National average of $23K. I’m wondering if this is the average income of those who were surveyed. Kind of confusing. Page 8 also has this disparity.

This disparity also shows up in ONE night of lodging on page 9. The average was about $10 a night. Not sure how this average comes about, but that seems very low, unless of course a family of five is spending the night in a campground. This gets cleared up on page 10 where the study says only about 17% of attendees spend the night in SF.

On page 11 it shows that a large percentage of residents who attend events are over 55 (56%) and have an income of over $80K a year (52%). Which isn’t such a bad thing because it is evenly spread between people younger than that and of lower incomes. The arts are truly enjoyed by everyone in our community.

The rest of the study explains how they come up with the results.

I think the study is a good start, but I would like to see a community wide study that also includes the Events Center and Convention Center (they are NOT non-profits).

FULL PDF Document: arts-econ-pros


#1 Michael Wyland on 06.27.17 at 5:06 pm

I agree that some of the figures are confusing. For area household income, I believe the table on page 5 is accurate, whereas page 4’s numbers seem to be influenced by some sort of ratio. Median (not average) income of $65,000 in the SF area sounds right, as does $52,000 for the national median.

If one wishes to do a deeper dive, check out the following web page on the US Census web site:

#2 possum jenkins on 06.27.17 at 8:16 pm

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#3 The D@ily Spin on 06.27.17 at 11:33 pm

These reports are skewed sales BS. The data can be massaged to look nice. My survey is the homeless, crime, and kids who go to bed hungry. Here is worse this way than many cities.

#4 WarrenPhear on 06.28.17 at 1:59 pm

A closer representation of SF demographics.

The best I’ve read about SF demographics was surprisjngly done by a hired firm when pushing the indoor pool.

#5 WarrenPhear on 06.28.17 at 2:01 pm

Our crime rate is now above the median, nationwide.

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