Cynthia Mickelson breaks Sioux Falls School Board Candidate fundraising record

I was told while viewing Mickelson’s financial report today (DOC: cyn-a11) that no one in the history of a school board election has anyone raised even close to that amount (Over $20K). All for a job that pays around $5,000 a year. And it is a little startling considering her closest opponent raised $2K, another one spent $350 and the other spent and raised $0.

Besides the fact the itemized list reads like the who’s who of Sioux Falls and developers and almost a carbon copy of her husband’s campaign donor list (but she’s her own lady, except I guess when it comes to raising money, then she needs daddy’s help). Some interesting other players got in the game.

Two Minnehaha County Commissioners donated (one is married to a big developer and the other runs a senior center);

But what is precedent is the fact that ‘Affordable Housing’ PAC gave money. WTF?! What a way to spend their dough, on a school board candidate that has already raised TEN-Fold her closet opponent;

Like I said, while Mickelson may claim to be an ‘independent’ candidate from her husband, reading her financial report tells a different story. This is about Mark and his agenda, make no mistake.

And that’s not misogyny on my part folks, that’s the truth.

Inside KELOLAND will feature the candidates this Sunday Night.

Here are some Previews; ONE, TWO, THREE.


#1 Emoluments Clause on 06.01.17 at 10:14 pm

Based on the address, the Affordable Housing PAC has the same address as the Home Builders Association of Sioux Falls.

Why does a home builders association need a PAC to promote affordable housing? Why don’t they just provide affordable housing through their business plan? Or is this just a political stunt to save face for politicians and make PAC money more acceptable to the general public as a result?

Or better yet, is this merely pro-votech money for the Mickelson campaign, which is disguised as a pro affordable housing advocacy?

I guess in the perfect world, if everything works out right, without getting into a debate about creating well rounded students, that a pro vo-tech agenda with our local education system is suppose to create graduates which can be hired to work at better paying jobs, which can, in turn, afford the current Sioux Falls housing market. But in that world, how does an “Affordable Housing PAC” help those who do not have those vo-tech skills already? And if these vo-tech jobs pay so good, then why are they not being filled by our current vo-tech educational system after highs school? And why aren’t people running to the current vo-tech system in hopes of getting these better paying jobs?

Oh, I know, vo-tech through high school is free for students, while a vo-tech education after high school means student debt. But I thought Sanford had a program with SE Tech to address that problem. And if the vo-tech jobs, which currently exist and are not being taken, pay so well, could not their wages handle the student debt issue too?

It is all a farce, this greater vo-tech advocacy at the high school level. And the hidden home builders association PAC disguised as an “Affordable Housing PAC” only further proves it and their true agenda…….

#2 Mark on 06.02.17 at 6:33 am

As one of the directors of SEFAH the reason it was started was to support candidates that reflect the need for care in government regulations, etc that affect the housing industry. SEFAH has been around for I would guess nearly 15 years and prior to that the local HBA supported such candidates through the state home builders PAC. In the case of Ms. Mickelson she has been supported because she understands that vocational education is important to a industry where workforce development is one of it biggest problems.

#3 l3wis on 06.02.17 at 8:04 am

“she understands that vocational education is important to a industry where workforce development is one of it biggest problems.”

I think ALL of the candidates ‘Get it’ But unlike Mickelson the other 3 agree that our public education system should produce well rounded students, not just plumbers and carpenters.

When kids graduate from the SF School District, they should be ready to accomplish anything. Some may choose to be plumbers, some may choose to be doctors, but pigeon holing them before they even graduate isn’t what public education should be doing.

Heck, even Mickleson said in one of the KELO interviews I linked that A lot of kids don’t know what they want to do with they graduate. This is why giving them all the possibilities equally makes more sense.

#4 Emoluments Clause on 06.02.17 at 10:47 am

If SEFAH has been around for fifteen years, then what has it accomplished given the recent Thrive study?

The biggest problem with affordable housing in this town is not government regulation, rather it is the wage suppression in this town by the private sector – a sector, that the HBA is a part of….

And as far as “vocational education is important to a industry where workforce development is one of its biggest problems,” so what? I bet hacking is important to Russia too. K-12 public education should not be hijacked merely for the interests of a few who underpay and under benefit their employees. It is imperative that an educational system develop well rounded students for society and not merely cogs for the economic interest of a few, who underpay their workers through wage suppression….

#5 Openness and transperency on 06.03.17 at 10:12 am

Scott since you are so open and transparent why have you not disclosed to anyone that you are doing the printing (and probably advising) Randy Dobberpuhl while continuing to tear down his main opponent?

#6 l3wis on 06.03.17 at 12:38 pm

I endorsed Randy all three times he has run including this time, that is no secret (comment)

And yes I am helping Randy with his campaign, not sure that was a big secret, I mean you knew.

As for ‘tearing down’ his opponent. All I am showing is the reality of Mickelson’s campaign. The above financial report is something she filled out. It is unfortunate that the school district hasn’t posted these financials for all to see.

If you listened to me on Jon’s Forum you will notice I said ALL of the candidates are qualified, including Mickelson. Where I take issue with Cynthia is claiming she is ‘independent’ when she is clearly partisan in her fundraising and turning this into a Republican vs. the others.

I support candidates based on their beliefs, not on what party they are in. Dobberpuhl is an Indy, and so am I. I also worked on Stehly and Neitzert’s campaigns, both Republicans. Like I said, it is unfortunate that Mickelson has turned a bi-partisan election into a very partisan one.

#7 Emoluments Clause on 06.03.17 at 10:04 pm

We all make spelling and grammatical errors when commenting, but when you misspell your alias I have less tolerance for such mistakes.

It’s transp(arency)! Unless, the other way is how the word is spelled when you are heavy on the vo-tech side…..

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