Health Director Franken needs to Lose the Tude

After watching the 2 hour presentation yesterday during the Sioux Falls city council informational, there is one thing I took away from it more than anything, Jill Franken has a horrible attitude and lacks respect towards the city council (elected, not appointed officials) and not much regard for citizens (patients) – blowing off the fact that there was ‘ONLY’ 300 exemptions. Former County Commissioner, Bob Kolbe even suggested during public input at the city council meeting that Jill be reprimanded for her awful behavior.

Quite the opposite I would say about EMS coordinator Julie Charbonneau who conducted herself professionally throughout the presentation.

FF: 11:00

Besides someone waking up on the wrong side of the bed, what else did I learn from the meeting?

  • Apparently Paramedics Plus is so busy with calls they couldn’t send anyone to the meeting to defend their contract.
  • We only have a mutual aid agreement with Dell Rapids and Humbuldt, but not one in writing with Brandon (Med-Star) Both PP and MS blame each other for why they can’t come to an agreement.
  • We had over 300 exemptions for PP ambulance calls. Jill felt we dwelled to much on them, and councilor Starr had to remind her that these patients ARE actual people.
  • When asked why Metro 911 and PP use the language ‘Phantom’ in their policy, Franken replied “I have no idea why they use that word”, neither did Julie. But they would advise them on the revisions to use a different word. I think ‘Casper’ was suggested.

Not sure if we learned much, except the fact that we need Med-Star to sign a mutual agreement, and we need to eliminate these exemptions, that is all the council and public is asking for.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 06.14.17 at 11:08 am

Paramedics Plus is under federal investigation for paying 20 mil in bribes. Medstar must become the alternate if not primary ambulance service. Franken’s management and attitude deserve mayoral focus. Perhaps she’ll resign or accept a demotion provided she furnishes financial records proving she wasn’t bribed.

Sioux Falls needs better service. I suggest both companies with ambulances satellite stationed around town. Whomever is closest would get the call. This would force enough ambulances with immediate service and competitive rates.

I’m assuming Franken is one of the many city employees who lives out of town where there’s good ambulance service. It’s dereliction of duty if her response is better than for our population. Us, the residents who have the dignity to live here.

#2 Bruce on 06.14.17 at 12:08 pm

Try our new YouTube transcript and closed captioning project with this video:

2017-06-13 Sioux Falls City Council Informational – 2602

Because the city of Sioux Falls has been playing with or deleting public videos, we now offer them on our channel.

The SIRE system will only “consistently” operate if you use the Internet Explorer browser and this is not saying much.

I took on this project because the city does not do proper historical minutes of the proceedings. They only record the votes and motions. In other words, they only go through the motions of transparency as usual.

Try it out, it is a work in process.

#3 Larry on 06.14.17 at 12:19 pm

Well Detroit, if there is anyone who knows what a poor attitude is, it is you.

#4 LJL on 06.14.17 at 1:20 pm

The fact the she has not been fired today is evidence the mayor has his head in his ass. She wouldn’t dare cop that attitude with him and keep her job.

Great work by Patt. Unfortunately the lazy media made him the headline today. I’m very pleased to see councilor Stehly kept her cool and stayed professional. I was mad as hell at our health Jill’s behavior.

Well done.

#5 Reliable Voter on 06.14.17 at 3:14 pm

When city staff insult elected officials, I view their behavior as an insult to the public and the voters that elected them.

#6 l3wis on 06.14.17 at 3:29 pm

Just look at who their immediate supervisor is, that speaks volumes.

#7 Reliable Voter on 06.14.17 at 8:47 pm


#8 Michele on 06.15.17 at 7:49 am

Such a commanding voice for gov’t transparency and the responsibility held when deciding what happens to taxpayers $$; we would vote for Theresa Stehly again in a heartbeat. Stehly for Mayor 2018?!

It feels like a game of ring-around-the-rosies when dealing with our ambulance issue. As a 4th generation SDakotan we have always been taught that we are the “first responders”. We do think gov’t first job is safety of it’s citizens, but how reliable are they? Ghost Ambulances? This matter with PP confirms grandpa’s resonating words of wisdom…take responsible for yourself and family.

#9 The D@ily Spin on 06.15.17 at 10:07 am

Michele, it takes big bucks to become mayor. Stehly can get petition support. Petitions overruled by the mayor and his attorney because they’ve been provided by the City Clerk. Huh? An alternative method to get elected mayor is do what she’s done. Namely, stay in the news and make public appearances pointing out irresponsible mayor and council conduct. I’m hoping she gets censured by the mayor and 3 council member horses of the Apocalypse. Then, she can work from the outside properly representing the population. The free press and time for public appeal will get her elected. We know the next 9 months is just more public funds drain. She’s valuable on the council but the mayors veto tyranny beats her down. It’s best to focus on beyond showing this mayor and 4 councilors the door. I’d say add springs so the door swats their derriere on the way out.

#10 The D@ily Spin on 06.15.17 at 2:59 pm

What could fill Denny Dome is a boxing match ‘Stehly versus Frankenstein’. Neitzert was intent. He’s always a strong presence. I’m fortunate enough to live in his district. Somebody wake up TyrannyForUs Rex.