Sioux Falls Planning & Council upcoming agendas (June 6-7)


Besides the normal rezones, Avera presents their Development plan for their new mega-project (ITEMs 10-11).

The Planning Department is also raising zoning application fees (ITEM 14) which of course gets passed on to the consumer. Thanks.


We get an update on the much unneeded city administration building. This outta be good. I’m sure we will get to hear about all the great funiture and fixtures the place will have.


The meeting gets kicked off with a proclamation from Dr. Maher, Super of the Schools honoring the SFPD.

In (ITEM 1) Approval of contracts, the Convention Center is getting new dinnerware, $80K. I am assuming that isn’t paper plates.

In (ITEM 2) change orders, seems the beer coolers are only going to cost us $58K. That’s good news, we need to save the money for fixing the bent up rat rod siding.

Skip to (ITEM 70) after a butt load of alcohol licenses, the council designates the Argus Leader the ‘official’ paper of the city (Legal Notices). We will have more on this in a later post.

(ITEM 73) The city council is asked to approve new fire chief Goodroad. I don’t expect much controversy and full approval from the council. But I am hoping some serious questions are asked about his residence in Canton and his investments with previous chief Sideras.