A Father’s Plea – REMSA, June 28, 2017

A father wants answers and closure following the accidental death of his son but no one in authority will help him. Most involved seem to have a reason to not help Brian Neal of Sioux Falls. So on June 28, 2017 he attended the Sioux Falls Regional Medical Authority (REMSA) meeting in search of anyone who would help him figure out why a phantom ambulance was sent first for his dying son back in April.

No ambulances available is a daily occurrence in Sioux Falls, SD. So what do we do about it? We do not condone this behavior or blame our hard working ambulance staff. Like Brian, we are looking for answers to many questions.

Remember our contract compliant ambulance service? You know the one, proudly exclaiming they found an answer to Level Zero or “no ambulances available” service? Their answer is to issue a 980 call, sending out a phantom ambulance to keep contract compliant.

How many phantom ambulances have you seen on Sioux Falls streets since the program mere mortals aren’t able to understand, was put into effect? Our city of Sioux Falls Health department actually said it was too complicated to explain so guess what? We have to accept people dying or permanently disabled because the phantom 980 ambulance didn’t show up.

Just ask your neighbors, the Orvilles, Brians, Joshuas and more searching for answers while missing all or part of their lives. Do you want to be the next victim of a contract compliant phantom ambulance or a served by a real one?


#1 Nocan on 12.28.17 at 5:10 pm

You do realize that a 980 does not change compliance? Thawed paramedics plus is not marked as responding to a call until an actual unit is responding? It is a placeholder. Used for tracking frequency of “980” or “level zero” while making it obvious to other responders an ambulance is not yet available.

Ask how many times medstar has failed to answer up? Ask Local fire departments how many times medstar has shown up with a one person crew? That’s a direct violation of South Dakota law. Maybe call the SDBMOE and find out why Jay Masur’s license is under investigation for fraudulent recertification hours.

Then, do a FOIA to find out how many times Rural metro was “code 5”.

Paramedics plus has more trucks on the street than rural metro ever did. Not to mention that Rural metro was never once held accountable for late responses. You wanna talk about a dirty deal… Look at that mess.

#2 Nocan on 12.28.17 at 5:11 pm

BTW, you wanna get some real info you just hit me at this email. You’re playing blind because you obviously do not understand EMS or terminology.

#3 Nocan on 12.28.17 at 5:13 pm

And I’m really sorry that this happened to his son… But his son was dead before anyone got there. He was driving wrecklessly. Bad things happened. People do not recover from cardiac arrest due to blunt head trauma.