Council Agenda, Tuesday July 18, 2017

Besides consenting to $300K towards lighting upgrades to the EC, the council has a very busy agenda.

Item #32, Ambulance rate increases. This is another bizarre legislative item the city council has to vote YES on from advice of legal counsel. So what’s the point? Should be an interesting discussion about the power of the council.

Item #45, the council approves the (Half) gift of land to the Glory House. This is a good thing the council is doing. The only unfortunate part is that the mayor had to get his grubs into a deal because a 100% gift wasn’t his idea of hand up, you know, like a private tennis club the city gave $500K to.

Item #48, the council will be approving a resolution for a preliminary plan for Avera’s new south side campus. As a person who lives close to the DT campus, I am happy to hear they will not be expanding anymore in my neighborhood. Now if we can just get Sanford to stop gobbling up central Sioux Falls affordable housing.

Item #50, the council will be presented with the new districting maps. Not sure if they are approving them Tuesday night or not, it is unclear from reading the agenda item.

Item #51, this one is a mystery to me since there are NO attached documents with the item. It seems to be about picking an external audit firm for the city. The city has always used Eide Bailly to do their external audits which is just basically a financial statement audit. A few weeks ago, councilor Stehly asked if the city ever considered using alternative firms to change it up every couple of years and wondered if it was ever put out for bid. We’ll see I guess.

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#1 anonymous on 07.16.17 at 11:40 am

It’s unfortunate the City was not able to persuade Sanford to develop a second campus on the outskirts of SF as Avera is doing.

Blocks and blocks of affordable housing have already been and will continue to be eliminated in central SF by Sanford.