Tell us what you really think of code enforcement in Sioux Falls

It’s pretty clear what this property owner thinks when code enforcement asked this Fargo owned company to come in compliance on a sign that wasn’t being used. They complied. Be careful what you ask for I guess. Just don’t paint pregnant women on the sign, than you really could get in trouble. LMFAO.


#1 Emoluments Clause on 07.19.17 at 12:45 am

It is merely a publicity stunt for an upcoming new fall episode of ‘Fargo.’

In this episode, the two Dakotas go to war against each other with the rest of the world asking, why?

And I-29 becomes a hot bed of activity in this episode with the North Dakotans advancing as far south as Watertown, while western South Dakotans make a move for the Bakken region.

In the last scene or scenes of this episode, a tornado touches down and destroys the ‘FU SF’ sign, while drone footage of the Bakken region shows all of the oil derricks a blaze in true Saddam fashion. Then it ends with two brief cameo appearances by Dusty Johnson and Mayor Mike. Dusty is seen greeting refugees as they enter a bomb shelter, while he tells them why he should be re-elected to the PUC and the Mayor is seen in a tank, in true Mike Dukakis fashion, heading to Watertown…. With the final words of the episode being “to be continued….”

#2 The D@ily Spin on 07.19.17 at 9:11 am

Don’t mess with North Dakota. They got the oil and nukes. Fargo is becoming the top ten Money magazine city to live in. It’s because FUSF has been Mike Huether’s modus operandus for 8 years. Sioux Falls is proof what happens when democracy gets replaced with oligarchy and plutocracy.

#3 LJL on 07.19.17 at 10:07 am

That property looked like a dump before they forced them to clean it up. Anyone who pays to have a sign like that made is an obvious douche. Good luck selling the property with this eyesore on it.

While our code enforcement can sometimes can to be over zealous, but without them we will quickly look like Fargo.

#4 Emoluments Clause on 07.19.17 at 11:07 am

The great irony of this news story is that I always thought that North Cliff Avenue looked more like Fargo/Moorhead than Sioux Falls… And now it definitely exemplifies it…..

#5 The D@ily Spin on 07.19.17 at 2:16 pm

It’s a concentration camp for the middle class in Sioux Falls. There are things you must do to protect yourself from Huether. Make sure you have a maximum loan on your car. Police will plant dope in it and seize it if you own. Bank in Iowa or Minnesota. The city attorney will lock your bank account. He can’t legally but he does. He can’t out of state. Make cell phone videos of police stops and city activities. Report (for insurance) when your cell phone is stolen. The city says they’ve recovered it but when you go to get it they send you to every city office before you realize it’s lost to the teen of a city official. Keep protection money handy. There are times you can bribe your way out of a permit or citation.