The New Sioux Falls City Council Leadership struggling to learn the ropes (and laws)

You would think that you pick your leadership because of their tenure on the council and knowledge of rules and regulations, but it seems our new leadership had a little hiccup last night at the city council meeting (FF to last agenda item). While last night’s meeting was a long one (over 3 hours) the fireworks really went off at the end when leadership was trying to cover up their possible violation of open meetings laws.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The city uses an outside auditor each year to do a ‘Financial Statement’ Audit. They have been using the same firm for years, Eide Bailly. Nothing against the firm, because it really has nothing to do with them or their performance. But a couple of councilors were concerned that we kept using the same firm, year after year. It was explained to them that they prefer to sign a 3 year contract with the external auditor to save money (yes, cause when we are either auditing the city or having elections it’s all about saving a couple of grand while millions fly out the door on play palaces). That’s all fine and dandy also, and really not that controversial.

The councilors that asked about the contract were wondering who else responded to the last RFP (Request for Proposal). It was explained to them that NO RFP was sent out this time because it is under ‘special services’.

OKAY, I guess I kind of understand (pulling rules from their butts). But this is where it gets sticky. Eide Bailly was chosen AGAIN behind closed doors, without an RFP and without the consent of the full council in a public meeting (This is why the item came to the floor Tuesday night). It was a possible violation of open meetings laws if the full council did not vote on it.

The real issue here is the council leadership (going back several years) thinks they have some special powers that the other councilors don’t have. They don’t, their votes are equal. Under charter the only REAL duties of leadership is to run certain meetings and to be messengers to the rest of the council, they have NO special powers to make decisions on behalf of the rest of the council. NONE.

While they may be PO’d at the councilors who brought this out into the open, they should be thanking them for saving their asses from an open meetings violation.


#1 Lemming on 07.19.17 at 10:25 pm

Tried viewing from Google Chrome and get:
The video file for this meeting does not exist for this browser. Please use Internet Explorer 11.
Then tried using Edge with IE 11 and nothing. Why do they make viewing so challenging?!?!

#2 Bruce on 07.19.17 at 10:52 pm

For those who want to actually see the the video, we also have it on our YouTube channel at .

The city of Sioux Falls has a bit of a problem making these videos accessible to all so we grab the video. Once we have it, we put it on the only platform everyone can view,

#3 The D@ily Spin on 07.20.17 at 1:23 pm

I’m disappointed with city government ignoring constitutional law. It’s obvious there are serious matters hidden from the public via sophisticated irregular proceedings. Transparency is muddier and more polluted than the Sioux River. There can be no improvement due to oligarchy since inception of Strong Mayor Charter. The mayor has absolute power. He can ignore the people and is above the law. I fear there can become a time when there will be a mass migration to neighboring cities because the mayor doesn’t have to focus on crime, infrastructure, and quality of life.

#4 WarrenPhear on 07.20.17 at 4:33 pm

Thank you Bruce for all you do. Without your involvement and mixing with youtube, I would miss some important stuff.