Tim Bjorkman to roll the dice with the Dems

I’ve know about Tim’s potential run for several months, but since he was still serving as a judge, several people close to the campaign had to keep the zip lipped, so to speak.

Congress wasn’t Tim’s first pick, he considered a Governor run, and was encouraged by many to run for AG instead (I actually think that would have been his best move and best chance at winning). But he settled on Congress, which also gives him a better chance than governor.

A well connected Republican told me over the weekend that Tim’s decision to run for Congress may have had to do with a little horse trading between his camp and a possible governor campaign camp for Huether, and the reason why MMM put out the very bizarre press release that he was not running for Congress. I’m sure that ordeal made Tim want to take an immediate hot shower.

There of course is having the support of a major political party. (insert laughter here) But since the Dems made Sutton the ‘chosen one’ for the governor race, there is a potential that Mr. Bjorkman may not have a primary challenge, though there are some rumblings about a West River person announcing soon from the Democratic Party.

To be honest with you, after hearing Tim speak a few times now at Dem Forum, my opinion is he will be a true contender to either Dusty or Sharp Shooting Shantel. He is sharp as a tack and has immense compassion for people.

I just hope he is smart enough to run his own campaign and only depend on the state party to ‘assist’ him with certain things instead of running his campaign, but only stuff they can’t screw up, like licking envelopes or handing out candy at parades. Hopefully they will just concentrate on Sutton’s loss so they can allow Mr. Bjorkman to win.


#1 scott on 07.10.17 at 2:44 pm

15 second videos on facebook should help his chances too.

#2 Deep Throat on 07.10.17 at 7:21 pm

Lets be real the Dems cant event had out candy at a parade without messing it up. I say this as a Dem.

#3 Emoluments Clause on 07.10.17 at 8:55 pm

He sounds like a solid Democratic candidate. The House race is definitely the race, that Democrats should be concentrating on too. I mean, with an unpopular President, a collapsing farm economy, the fears of a trade war for farmers especially, and the fact that there is an open congressional seat have all of the makings of a potential win for Democrats in South Dakota in a 2018 congressional bid.

However, his message seems to be quite cautious and Herseth/Sandlin in nature, but in 2018, it is more about winning for Democrats and regaining the House than seeking ideological purity. But an argument could be made though, that it has been past cautioness by Democrats which has helped to give rise to the Trump presidency to begin with, especially in the area of jobs and job security.

If Bjorkman ends up running against Krebs, he will probably lose, especially if Noem is the Republican gubernatorial candidate, because some Republican women voters will rebound with Krebs after saying “No” to Noem, but it will be close. If he ends up running against Dusty, then I think Bjorkman could win as the more mature candidate. Dusty’s biggest problem is image in my estimation. He is a really good campaigner and very bright, but he looks like an extra from “Happy Days,” or a congressional page and/or intern….