I just wish the rest of the city would figure this out;

Since that time, I have come to learn much about this little town on the prairie to include the juvenile and preposterous acts and actions of the mayor, Mike Huether. To me, still an outsider, Sioux Falls now presents itself as an abstract of many failing autocratic cities around this country – read Chicago. It is governed by a ruling class that publicly decries their support and service to the electing populace, yet regularly and routinely act in a manner that is completely devoid of said sentiment.

That was plenty apparent when Mayor Huether TOOK, with the help of the rubber stamp council, $500K from taxpayers for a tennis facility he put his name on. Or how any developer holding their hands out gets a TIF to build luxury condos.

It is now common knowledge within my household – all the way down to my 9-year-old, that the upper class southeast side of Sioux Falls “rules” city hall. Their streets are smooth, their pavement uncracked and their private bike path entrance to their greenbelt park system is unrivaled by anything in the city. With his recent “no” vote on the creation of a democratic park board, Mayor Huether proves, yet again, who he serves – and it is not the majority of us.

That’s why he decries free bus rides and swimming for the poor kids or rams all the social services into the Whittier Neighborhood. Now roundup the homeless on Friday afternoon;

Huether should heed this advice, along with his backroom cronies, I will not be ruled over by anyone. Nor will I sit by idly and allow the mayor to continue to administer his authoritarian style of government. I will put forward any effort necessary to bring fair and equal governance and democracy to this city and pledge my support to the candidates that come forward intent on dismantling this once and for all.

WOOT! WOOT! Another Foot Soldier for the South DaCola army. As Ruby said in Cold Mountain, “You need help, here I am.”

8 Thoughts on “It only took this newcomer 3 years to figure out Huether

  1. I thought I knew the bike trail quite well. Where is the “private bike path entrance” at?

  2. The Guy from Guernsey on August 20, 2017 at 9:09 am said:

    I know it’s a weekend for employees of the City. But, entirely in line with the charge of “juvenile and preposerous acts” described in this LTE, I’m guessing the goon squad [police, fire inspectors, code enforcement officers] have already been marshalled to duty.

  3. The Guy from Guernsey on August 20, 2017 at 9:11 am said:

    I hope this guy has his bicycles properly licensed as he cruises through Pasley Park and past the private portal-way to the greenway. I bet even Chief Bike Info Officer, Sam T has been ordered to be on the lookout for violations by this disobedient, law-breaking citizen.

  4. While I agree with most of what he has stated, can someone give me examples of how the SE parks are better than others?

  5. But how is that “private portal-way to the greenway” a problem. Are you suggesting the City paid for that? I don’t think they did, did they? If they did, then that is an issue. Else, I can’t blame someone, who is fortunate enough to live that close to the bike trail, to put a gate at their property line, which happens to border the greenway, however. I would do the same and I would give my neighbors the code to the lock too….

    If we are going to challenge the elite or “Club 44,” or the “Taupe Society” with their white or black SUVs, then we need to do it wisely and not in a resentful manner.

    Let’s stick to legitimate issues like making the Park Board democratic and not parochial. Having a City budget which is more thorough and making sure the street cleaners are used, and that all of our roads receive routine maintenance upgrades…

  6. The D@ily Spin on August 21, 2017 at 9:30 am said:

    No doubt, parks in affluent areas are better maintained and get improvements before other parks. Isn’t this because the Parks Board is nobility? Are there bike trails on the northeast side of town? The only recreation here is dodging drivebys and meandering around needles. And they wonder why we spit on their food before serving it.
    The best way to measure Huether ego is count the number of 8 story cranes building 3 story low income housing downtown.

  7. The D@ily Spin on August 21, 2017 at 9:34 am said:

    Garth for mayor. Stay for one long 8 year concert.

  8. That’s it. This local fascination with country music is merely an attempt to prevent an alien invasion. Eight years of Garth would make for a brilliant shield against such an outside attack too:


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