13 Thoughts on “Noem, “Haters need to learn how to keep quiet.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  1. Reliable Voter on August 14, 2017 at 10:00 pm said:

    I found her pivot to urging unity so congress could work on tax reform as evidence of her appalling lack of empathy. She had 2 days to come up with a public response to a white supremacist killing a woman and her nation confronting hatred, bigotry and violence, and she speaks to being inconvenienced.

  2. I’m surprised she didn’t say, “You know what your mother always told yah, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothin’ at all.” Just ram your car into hippies.

  3. There’s a virus in the Republican Party today. It is called “Hate” and Republicans like Noem with a pending primary don’t know how to handle it. So they come up with worthless comments about the events of this past weekend like the one Noem said.

    In her defense, however, Noem has never really been ready for prime time though, and this is just further proof of it. Yet, I am afraid she may be our next governor. Soon the brilliance behind this comment will be asked to deal with the collapsing sales tax receipts in this state, but this pathetic comment suggests that her answers to future problems as a governor will be as pathetic as her most recent lacking comment….

  4. The D@ily Spin on August 15, 2017 at 9:35 am said:

    We should respect Noem while she’s in office. No doubt (at some point) she should come home to the Ponderosa, make her husband miserable, and manage elite government farm subsides.

  5. Southern Exposure on August 15, 2017 at 10:31 am said:

    History can be so bothersome for the left…

  6. anominous on August 15, 2017 at 12:24 pm said:

    Makes you wonder if she knew anyone at the nazi march.

  7. Southern Exposure on August 15, 2017 at 1:48 pm said:

    Remember Thomas Jefferson ? Remember Jefferson Day Dinners ? Remember The Jefferson Memorial ? More troublesome history..

  8. Fluff Mc Fluffin on August 15, 2017 at 5:54 pm said:

    Yeah, hate on the Republican side….

    (You should probably look hard at your party).

  9. This is for SE and FMc especially,

    When you think of history as facts, then its the Republicans, who naturally find history as “bothersome.”

    As far as Thomas Jefferson, he is a part of the continuum of our nations history, its evolution. The memorials to Confederate leaders speak not of that continuum, rather of a diversion that speaks of a potential departure or devolution of our values and not an evolution of our true and developing values as a nation… Especially, when many of these memorials were erected after the Civil War and during the era of the “Jim Crow South.”

    Confederate memorabilia or mentions should only be in a Civil War museum as displays, where they can speak as a part of our nations history or “facts.” Because we should love and cherish the value of history, even if some of our history is not loved or cherished, but such unloved or uncherished history should not be immortalized or respected with public grandeur, rather it should merely be documented within appropriate museums for the sake of respect for “facts” themselves and merely as “facts”….

  10. A ton of shit in the South has been named after Senator Byrd. He was a staunch democrat and a grand recruiter for the KKK.

    A ton of shit all over this country was named after the liberal icon President FDR and he forced US Japanese into concentration camps.

    Those are fact.

    So if you want to tearing shit down due to the history of slavery/racism, lets start with the most recent. Or. Maybe we could all grow up and use our history to teach into our future.

  11. If you really want to get to the tough on slavery and racism in our past, we need to get rid of all things Viking.

    The Vikings were the OG’s of slavery and racism. So lets have a purple jersey burning in the center of town this weekend.

  12. LJL,

    You been watching the History Channel again, huh? That
    “Vikings” show it pretty good though, huh?

    We probably do have too mythical of an attitude, when it comes to Vikings, however, but the thought of Vikings don’t scare me like white supremacists do. Or maybe the white supremacists are merely modern-day Vikings? Who knows? But white supremacists are real and current, while Vikings are about as real and threatening as the McDonald’s Hamburglar…. And like the Hamburglar, any modern-day Vikings or promotions of them are merely an expression of toughness and comical vice or parity, while white supremacists are real and not something to laugh about.

    As far as Byrd, he admitted the mistake of once joining the KKK, which is kind of like when General Lee requested latter in life, that the Confederate flag not be placed on his coffin someday…

    As far as FDR, you are right. The Japanese internment of Japanese Americans during WWII was definitely wrong and a black mark on the FDR legacy. But FDR also never lived long enough to admit that mistake, because right up to his death, he was to busy fighting the Nazis, or white supremacists I should say….

    So that said, I guess I am guilty of being a FDR apologist, but I would rather be that, then an apologist for white supremacists or Nazis…. Vikings? I cannot seriously be accused of being an apologist for them, and they don’t scare me. And are they real any more, I must ask? I don’t think so….. And who ever would of thought that apologists for white supremacists would try to use the Vikings card some day?…. My goodness, my goodness, they are really getting desperate, aren’t they?…..

  13. EC..
    How about we save you the time of blathering about shit someone else told you and I watch 15 minutes of CNN and Comedy Central.

    People who discuss free speech are not white supremacist and you should be old enough by now to understand that. Nice try.

    When should the government stop people from saying stupid things? Whether it’s racists jackasses marching in the streets or you typing on this blog, needless speech must be tolerated. Hate speech is just speech.

    The cowardliness scum who marched on Saturday were looking for attention, and they march together because they are weak by themselves. The folks who showed up to counter protest made sure they got the attention they craved. CNN and TRUMP are doing a great job of making them look more threatening than they really are. White supremacists make up less than 1 percent of our population. You sir, have way more things to worry about.

    It’s unfortunate a young lady died for you to grind out weak regurgitations on your keyboard, but freedom is rarely fair or free.

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