Sioux Falls Mayor proposes city flag design

The City of Sioux Falls ‘OFFICIAL’ Flag?

I’m sure you have seen it around town, especially hanging from downtown businesses store fronts, the tri-colored ‘unofficial’ flag of Sioux Falls. The city council and Mayor’s office has been pressured several times to make the flag the ‘official’ flag of the city, with NO luck.

The group pushing for the design had essentially gave up and just started selling the flag as the ‘unofficial’ flag of Sioux Falls.

Mayor Huether realizing there really hasn’t been a resolution on the issue put his staff at central and media services to work to come up with an ‘official design’. After they compiled about 10 different designs he shared it with directors, family and close friends.

This was ultimately the design the Mayor picked. It still has to go through city council approval.

Mayor Huether had this say about the new design.

“I think it reflects the passive, plain, artistic ignorance of the ruling class in our city while also representing the bare bones uneventful lives of the working class of our city. I have NO doubt our city council will pass this POSITIVE design, and if they don’t, I will just veto their NO votes. I think I can do that.”

The mayor has promised to get things done his last year in office, and here is yet another example of his leadership and vision if only this article wasn’t a big joke.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 08.17.17 at 10:09 am

No confederate flags and no city flag. Especially after Huether’s comment. The first resolution after this mayor and reinvented council election should be to remove all Huether memorials. It will be the end of slavery and send our wealthy white supremacists a message.

#2 Emoluments Clause on 08.17.17 at 12:40 pm

How about a flag with merely Garth Brook’s image on it? But would that be too Confederate, though?

#3 LINDA on 08.22.17 at 8:35 pm

well it will probably be something with sanford or huether I do know how to use caps. But I see no respect for the people of sioux falls so I wont give it back.

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