Vegas has Sioux Falls little league winning first game by 2 runs

Maybe I’m not reading this crap right (since I rarely gamble) but it looks like the oddmakers have us by 2 points going into the first game. WOOT! WOOT!

Since I really don’t give a rat’s a** about sports, especially youth sports, I thought I should at least say something positive about our team ‘Midwest’.

Good Luck!


#1 Southern Exposure on 08.17.17 at 7:13 pm


#2 GuestBet on 08.18.17 at 3:26 pm

SF is getting 2+ runs, they are the underdog.

#3 l3wis on 08.18.17 at 4:04 pm

Thanks for clarifying. I don’t understand all the gambling stats. NC will probably be a tough team. I have cousins that live there and baseball is HUGE.