Legislator Youngberg is either playing dumb, or maybe he is just this stupid

Just another clown in the Pierre circus

I can’t believe nobody showed up to this obscure meeting, at a obscure time in an obscure location;

Sen. Jordan Youngberg, chair of the task force, chalked the scant testimony up to a dwindling desire to explore the subject.

“You had a lot of people that were angry and upset to the point that I got a threat they were going to burn my house down over the repeal of this,” the Madison Republican said of the responses to legislative efforts to strike IM-22 in January. “Where is that passion now to come and talk this through and move forward as a state?”

So you give little notice for a meeting, on a Tuesday afternoon, at 5 PM in some obscure room on the far NW part of town and wonder why no one is there? You are kidding right? First off, 5 PM is a horrible time for a meeting. It should have been at least after 6 PM or on a Saturday. Secondly, Tuesday night is a busy government city meeting night with informationals, committee meetings and a council meeting. With school just starting, this is also another reason why busy parents could not attend. And the location? Some room in the center of the University Center campus? It should have been held at the DT library or Carnegie (on a different night). Of course Mr. Youngberg still seems to be baffled by the attendance;

South Dakotans and others also criticized Youngberg for holding the meeting at 5 p.m. and for not doing more to advertise the event.

A press release advertising the meeting was released to local media on September 5 and was shared on the state Legislature’s website. Youngberg after the meeting said he wasn’t sure what more he could’ve done to promote the meeting.

For starters, remove your head from your ass. How do these clowns get elected? They have no clue about citizen customer service OR transparency. I have a suspicion this was done on purpose, just like most things organized by the SD GOP, CONFUSE, LIE & DENY.


#1 jake gosmire on 09.13.17 at 8:36 pm

Who writes this stupid shit? Have you taken the time to even talk to Jordan? He is a great guy and as a district 8 voter I beleve he is doing a great job! IM 22 was a joke to begin with that came out of where Boston tring to use us south dakotans as their personal political lab rats!

#2 l3wis on 09.13.17 at 8:40 pm

You mean like the Koch Brothers and ALEC using SD GOP legislators as their personal lab rats by funneling in millions of donations to the legislative candidates? Please, tell me the difference?

#3 The D@ily Spin on 09.13.17 at 10:00 pm

Let the kid use this experience to learn from. There’s potential for someone who gets knocked down but gets up and dusts themself off. A leader is one who got beat up and makes sure it doesn’t happen again.

#4 Emoluments Clause on 09.13.17 at 10:12 pm


If IM22 was such a bad idea, then how come the Republican establishment prior to the election did nothing to enlighten us on the ‘joke’ you allege it was? Instead, all they told the pubic is to vote “No” on everything…. How is that leadership? How is that a being factual? How is that not thinking that South Dakotans are nothing more than stool pigeons for the Republican establishment in South Dakota or “lab rats,” shall we say?

#5 Steven Gants on 09.13.17 at 10:53 pm

Millions? Where is said millions ? Because I have taken the time to get to know Jordan and I’ve personally watched him work his ass off for every $ he has just like the rest of us! I’ve even seen him help out a 70+ year old vet who was struggling to make ends meet taking care of his sick wife on a dishwashers salery with a better paying and more fitting job for a vet! I will never forget the pride in the old mans face when he came into the post office and excitedly told me about his promotion and not having to wash dishes any more! Jordan did that for that man not looking for recognition or any kind of political gain he did it because he is a south dakotan and thats what we do we help when we can! shit the oldtimer has no idea what he did even! Thats just a small example of the countless people I’ve seen him help back on the right track every day! And what do you do? You bash the man from behind your keyboard with out ever even talking to him. Even beter what have you done to help your fellow man besides putting a 3 in your name and becoming an internet bad ass?

#6 l3wis on 09.14.17 at 2:29 am

“Where is that passion now to come and talk this through and move forward as a state?”

Yet he has no problem bashing voters after he concocts a poor meeting schedule and no one shows up.

#7 The Guy from Guernsey on 09.14.17 at 10:06 am

“Where is that passion now to come and talk this through and move forward as a state?”

Disclaimer: I voted ‘No’ on IM 22.

Senator Youngberg, the state did, indeed, move forward after adoption of IM 22 by voters at the polls. As a legislative body, the South Dakota legislatures collectively rescinded the voice of the people.

And it not the first, nor only example of such cavalier action during the Rounds/Daugaard era.

The people have grown weary of voicing our wishes to our state legislators [personal communications; cracker barrels; ballot initiatives] only to have our lords in Pierre do exactly the opposite.

Why waste the time and energy to engage with legislators who go through the motions of ‘listening’, then do exactly as they please [or as they are ordered] anyway.

Wouldn’t that time and energy be better placed toward working to bring their message to the ballot box and to simply replace many of you?

I still lean toward ‘No’ on every ballot initiative.

But most certainly, in state legislative races, ‘ABI’ [‘Anybody But Incumbents’]. Drain the Swamp in Pierre!

#8 The Guy from Guernsey on 09.14.17 at 10:53 am

Here is a leadership lesson which might be gained by Senator Youngberg [and his homies]:

Despite the honest effort, not much exposure gained from the press releases which were issued to legacy media sources. It looks like Dana Ferguson featured it in an online AL Media piece on Monday and was placed in the print edition on Tuesday [the date of the meeting]. Finding almost no mention of it anywhere else [couldn’t search KELOLand].

Use social media to spread your message. Use some of the blogs to generate interest. There is a political blog which would be considered to be very friendly to Senator Youngberg. I don’t think this was mentioned on that blog. At all. [I am a regular and avid consumer, as Randell Beck would say].

As blogmaster, Powers was either: not issued a press release; didn’t think it was worthy to post [this seems outlandish given the number of inane Jackley press releases which are posted to that website]; or [dun, dun, dun, duuuun] the political establishment doesn’t really care if you show to to share your thoughts anyway.

#9 anominous on 09.14.17 at 1:13 pm

“Where is that passion now to come and talk this through and move forward as a state?”

The Passion for good governance in Lake County has always been, and always will be, in fellow Lake County legislator Matt Wolmann’s star-spangled RWNJ KGB Summer Camp shorty-shorts.

#10 l3wis on 09.14.17 at 2:51 pm


#11 l3wis on 09.14.17 at 2:54 pm

And just remember, it’s difficult to touch someone’s weiner from the hide-a-bed.