Mayoral Candidate Entenman likes to PARTY!

I guess Diamond Jim has one thing going for him, if you like to drive motorcycle and party in a parking lot, he’s your man.

Image: Argus Leader Media


#1 legerdemain on 09.09.17 at 5:17 pm

The J&L parties are more fun than those held on the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood with the plastic fetuses. Guaranteed.

#2 linda on 09.10.17 at 6:19 am

I plan to vote for a person who has a proven good track record of not spending every last dime of Sioux falls money for political gain and notoriety some one who has been in city government before with the everyday persons of Sioux falls minds and pocket book on their minds not just the elites and bffs . let the public know when a job is up for bids not the bff of the mayors or his cronies . That kind of mayor takes things to city vote for all to have an input into what they want or don’t want .A mayor who doesn’t build things to put his name on things or Sanford or premeire or huether and family.remember there was supposed to be a contest of what to name the arena .and about that tennis court why isn’t there handicap parking why is public parking in those areas marked off private and all otherd will be towed .shame shame isn’t this this a public place, if not why does Sioux falls pay for it but it seems its for statis quo? AS FOR ME IVE STARTED THE COUNT DOWN TIL WE VOTE A NEW MAYOR .

#3 Blasphemo on 09.10.17 at 10:42 am

. . . then Linda, you da_n well ought NOT vote for Diamond Jim.

#4 Emoluments Clause on 09.10.17 at 1:47 pm

There is so much I could say about PP having more events or fun than St. Joe’s, but I will just leave it to everyones’ imaginations…..

#5 Warren Phear on 09.10.17 at 8:13 pm

The denty likes to brag about the thousands of gallons of beer it is going to sell next week. Ever wonder how many thousands of gallons of beer j&l sells in their parking lot thru the course of a summer?

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