South DaCola Ordinance Review

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reviewing the ordinances that have passed under Huether’s two terms. I excluded Zoning and Planned Development and broke them down into categories. If you like government creating new regulations, rules and fee increases, you will like the results. If you think our city government should be a citizen advocate, you may be very disappointed in the numbers. It’s quite ironic when the Mayor and some councilors talk about getting things done during his term. They certainly have. They have spent a lot of money, borrowed a lot of money, dipped into the reserves quite often and passed an unprecedented amount of rules and regulations and have increased numerous fees (during a supposed economic boom in our city).

*I had to review and read the minutes of EVERY meeting. Some supporting documents were missing, so I had to do a little educated guessing when designating some of the ordinances. There were also several deferred ordinances. So many numbers are very close approximates that are probably about 99% accurate.

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