Should the Head of the CVB & her Lincoln CC husband be endorsing a mayoral candidate

I guess I can’t tell people who to support for the next mayor of Sioux Falls, but I can’t help to feel that Teri Schmidt is putting herself in a sticky situation by supporting a particular candidate. She runs a non-profit that receives tax dollars to promote our city for business and tourism, hanging her hat this early on a candidate is a little troublesome. Obviously her husband Jim is in a different position as a Lincoln County Commissioner, it is not unusual for elected officials to endorse other candidates, though they tend to steer away from it.


#1 Emoluments Clause on 10.25.17 at 12:48 pm

For the most part, it is merely a list of Republicans in alphabetical order. And Republicans are often known for their co-opting conformity so I am not surprised by this at all. Although, I guess it will be up to the citizens of Sioux Falls, however, as to whether they want Thune, I mean TenHaken, as their next mayor.

And does merely selling yourself mean good roads, thorough plowing and sweeping of the streets, and greater governmental transparency?…. Only time will tell:

#2 Warren Phear on 10.25.17 at 1:37 pm

$500 for drinks and finger food does not seem like a campaign Joe and Jane Sixpack can get behind. Tenhaken is going to represent who again?

#3 Emoluments Clause on 10.25.17 at 2:41 pm

Many of the people backing TenHaken and Jamison helped create or allow for the affordable housing crisis in this town…. Yet, they have the answers to this problem now?…. When you hold $ 500 fundraisers, no wonder such candidates and their contributors can’t really understand why people cannot afford their rent in this town….

#4 Southern Exposure on 10.25.17 at 2:52 pm

When do you drop your fat finger on the endorsement scale ?

#5 l3wis on 10.25.17 at 4:23 pm

SE, I have vowed so far to NOT endorse any mayoral candidates. I can tell you that I DO NOT want Entenman as mayor, and I am not a fan of Paul, but other than that, I am really neutral at this point. I may make an endorsement in the runoff though.

As for city council race, I will be helping a couple of candidates, so there will be some obvious endorsements there. I don’t think Erickson will have a challenger, but Kiley probably will. I have also heard a loose knit rumor about the council races in general that I am holding back on blogging about at this point, because if it happens it will really change the makeup of the races.

#6 The D@ily Spin on 10.25.17 at 9:40 pm

Political season is a chance to entertain your inside acquaintances tax free. Now, let’s get down to picking someone who can clean up after Huether. Jamison is to passive and friendly. The road grader didn’t work. I’m thinking Anderson. He’s fought for position. He’s exmilitary. He recognizes there’s damage to fix. We don’t need a passive presence to disguise Huether waste and debt.

#7 4byFord on 10.25.17 at 11:10 pm

The reality is that Kenny will probably struggle to get much traction in this race. Greg J. and Jolene are great candidates and certainly have a shot to be competitive to the end. Big Jim and PTH are most likely to be in the runoff and the winner will be the one who can most change the turnout model from elections past.

#8 anominous on 10.26.17 at 10:25 am

Yeah what this town needs more of in its budget is facebook-scented snake oil.

#9 Warren Phear on 10.26.17 at 2:35 pm

Change the turnout model from past years??? Explain.

#10 l3wis on 10.26.17 at 2:42 pm

WP is right, what we have found in our research is that voter turnout hasn’t changed much in over a decade. For mayoral years it pushes around 30% and in non-mayoral years it pushes around 12%. I don’t expect a change in the upcoming election. PTH will have to get his supporters not only registered to vote, but he will have to get them to vote. The highest voter turnout over the past decade was a not candidate race, the advisory vote of the EC, which ironically wasn’t even a legal vote, if it would have been a legal bond approval vote it would have failed (needs a 60% threshold). Many of the people who voted in the EC election as first time voters in a municipal election have not voted since. Will they show up in April? Not likely.

#11 Warren Phear on 10.27.17 at 7:05 am

<b!The reality is that Kenny will probably struggle to get much traction in this race.

Based on what or who’s model?