Sioux Falls Chamber supports the release of Events Center siding report

Like most of the city council and most citizens, the Chamber thinks it is a good idea to release that report;

One final issue that lingers is whether the siding, as it exists, is doing its job and protecting the building as it should. While city professionals noted that there are no structural threats to the building, the Council is asking for confirmation from an external source. We would like to see the administration provide the requested confirmation to put the issue of structural integrity to rest. It appears the Council will continue this discussion at a future date.

While I agree the report should be released, I’m afraid that it probably wasn’t a ‘complete’ report that really shines a light on what is truly going on with the siding. As I have told people in the past, I could care less what the building looks like, it is what it is, my primary concern is whether the siding is ‘weather proof’ enough that the holes and open seams in the siding are not causing damage underneath.

I think to be proactive in future maintenance of the building the council should request their OWN report from an outside source that has no connections with Mortenson or other sub contractors who worked on the project. And even if that report costs up to $60K, it is still worth the ounce of prevention. If there are issues, we can budget for the maintenance in the future. Transparency, at least this time, will save taxpayers money.

I know that Rex Rolfing and Mayor Huether think that nobody is ‘talking about it’ but I would beg to differ. Denial is a tragic thing.

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#1 Emoluments Clause on 10.09.17 at 9:22 pm

It’s a ploy. Obviously, the leading Chamber candidate wants to distance their self and be at odds with the current administration and its chosen one…. They sense a weakness and want to exploit it.

I wonder if the Chamber is equally excited about OSHA’s final report on the collapse of the building in our town, however? And if they are, what have they done to encourage the City to have learned from that tragedy, in terms of new City ordinances concerning permits and construction?

Don’t forget that the Chamber is the one which also helped fund a study on affordable housing, then turns around and fights every attempt to increase wages for the workers…..