National Anthem – To Kneel or Stand, Nov 9, 2017

Is it time to get up or down? Is right to express your rights? The Supreme Court guaranteed our ability to express our rights through the flag. Why do certain groups believe their version of what is right is the only version of what is right?

Like every civil rights discussion we Americans ever have, someone or some group decides we shouldn’t use our voice or action to express an opinion different than theirs. What does society have to lose by letting everyone speak? (Kind of like da mayor during City Council meetings?)

This November 9, 2017 Augustana University panel discussion let’s both service veterans and average citizens talk about Colin Kaepernick’s kneel. The kneel is a sacred symbol in human history. It can be submission or reverence. Why was it a problem? What does Sioux Falls have to say about this discussion? Listen it and see where you fit your thoughts.

Side Note: The video ends before the end of the program, so I wanted to include some closing statements by the Panelist (Vic?). He stated at the end that he felt more safe in the military on active duty than he does now when a police officer is following his car. He also talks about his challenges of raising a black son in our current society.

Denise (who is one of our city clerks and a veteran) touches on that she tried to get some female veterans for the panel but there was some time conflicts. She also asked a poignant question, “What if this was Tom Brady that took the knee instead? Would we be having this conversation.”


#1 Emoluments Clause on 11.11.17 at 2:03 pm

We should really stop talking about the issue of kneeling and whether it is right or not; because our discussion of this issue merely feeds the “Donald Of Orange’s” intent and purpose as to why he made this an issue to begin with.

DoO is “crazy like a fox” and our continual discussion of this issue just makes us nothing but unknowing agents of his….

#2 4byFord on 11.11.17 at 5:13 pm

Duh, you stand.

#3 Bruce on 11.11.17 at 6:10 pm

I like the look Paul is giving Chad. A lot of interesting things were said on Thursday night. Thanks!

#4 Warren Phear on 11.12.17 at 9:12 am

I spent six years in the military. Four years active, with two nam tours, and two years as an active reservist. That being said, I recognize the right of NFL professionals to silently and at the same time reverently express their views at the playing of our national anthem. Being able to express our First Amendment rights is what sparks debate like this one at Augie and, hopefully, brings about change. Even though I was drafted and questioned our involvement in nam, I knew this is why we fight, to be able to freely express our views. The irony lies in the criticism expressed by the person sitting in the office of President of the United States. It took this draft dodger 50 years to finally put his bone spurred foot on nam soil.

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