I would really like to hear the answer to to why young people don’t vote in city elections. Sure, they show up to rallies, and like you on FB, but historically, they don’t vote. I don’t think this city election will be any different. In fact I rarely hear a person younger than me talk about city politics except my like minded friends.

I really believe it has a lot to do with Republicans in this state squashing voter rights and gerrymandering, they don’t want younger people voting, because they tend to vote more progressive and independent.

The musical precincts don’t help either. Younger folks like things to be easy and having to find their precinct is ‘work’. It’s not that they are not smart enough to do it, they are just lazy.

Until the city does a better job of educating younger folks on voting, the 55 and older crowd are going to rule the roost when it comes to city elections. I wish the younger candidates like Jolene luck, but you better be filling out voter registration cards and giving rides to the polls if you think your younger supporters are going to show up to the polls in April.

I don’t like it either, but it’s reality.

3 Thoughts on “TenHaken asks a great question

  1. I am afraid with young people, it takes a village first, then a draft to get them interested…

  2. 4byFord on November 23, 2017 at 6:58 am said:

    PTH doing ecactly what he needs to and is best positioned to do…engage & inspire the younger SF voters. They will turn out for him in sufficient numbers to make a difference. A runner made for the runoff!

  3. 4by, I hope you are right, but I hear this every city election for the past decade, never happens. And if it does, I think the votes from the younger crowd will lean more towards progressive candidates like Jolene.

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