A host of Alcohol bills dropping today in Pierre

Some have to do with taxation and some with awareness.

Bills: 328Z0758 Alcohol Tax 25 Cents

454Z0769 Marketing to Youth

627Z0629 Alcohol Tax 5 cents

670Z0767 – Alcohol Taxation Revenue Neutral

832Z0766 – Cancer Awareness

Reports about alcohol: BillBriefAlcoholTax




#1 The D@ily Spin on 01.30.18 at 1:56 pm

Looks like we must buy alcohol in Minnesota when we go there for groceries and clothing. Just legalize marijuana. SD will be the last state to do so. Vermont recently voted in recreational pot. It’s not a bad place to live. There’s 11 ski areas and good fly fishing. Most of all, there’s Democrats!

#2 Say What? on 01.31.18 at 6:59 am

Reading today’s Argus I see the house of lords is looking at adding language to prohibit serving an “obviously intoxicated person” to our laws. As usual they “obviously” haven’t reviewed current law…
Our system of SDCL’s are convoluted and antiquated. This is subjective language and intentional obfuscation so that you and I would have to hire lawyers to sort it out should we be subject to this “subjective” terminology. Get rid of it!

Hey Lords, know what is there before you add language that is already in place…better yet delete any and all subjective language.

“35-4-78. Sale of alcoholic beverage to obviously intoxicated person prohibited–Violation as misdemeanor–Civil liability. No licensee may sell any alcoholic beverage to any person who is obviously intoxicated at the time. A violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor.
However, no licensee is civilly liable to any injured person or the injured person’s estate for any injury suffered, including any action for wrongful death, or property damage suffered because of the intoxication of any person due to the sale or consumption of any alcoholic beverage in violation of the provisions of this section.”

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