Entenman WORSE than Huether, TenHaken just like Huether

I enjoyed reading Paul TenHaken’s 2026 plan for the city. Would really like to meet the authors, maybe they should be running 🙂

What I’m finding more and more is TenHaken is running on the Huether platform and Entenman is running on Corporate Welfare platform (if you think Huether gave the farm away to developers, you wait).

While Paul’s plan has value, without government leadership skills he would run this city like Huether did. And that’s really scary. Government isn’t a business. It’s time the citizens of this city elect a government leader that offers the highest level of customer service with the best value. That person isn’t Jim or Paul. It’s time to embrace our citizens over the next 8 years, business will do just fine on it’s own.

Memory Lane with Huether

Wow. You would think Mike had only a few days left in his administration when listening to his interview this morning on Belfrage. We have 3 months left of listening to this guy patting himself on the back. Puke.

He reveals some interesting things. He compares himself to Janklow, which I agree is appropriate. Stepping all over the little guy to get things done while mysteriously making himself a multi-millionaire working in public service most of his life.

He also claims he doesn’t talk to a couple of councilors (Starr and Stehly) because they don’t accomplish anything. It’s his way of saying they stand up to him and his corrupt deals. Sometimes putting on the brakes accomplishes more than tying the citizens to bad deals. He goes on to saying he only needs 4 votes to accomplish things. Sad really. Or brags about vetoes.

Than he goes on to throw all the mayoral candidates under the bus (because he was so great, you know) especially Greg Jamison. C’mon Mike, you are not running for office, stay out it. Please.



#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.30.18 at 12:29 pm

TenHaken will be the next mayor, and in so doing, we will have created an other Thune; someone who is articulate, attractive, and a great protector and spokesman for the interests of the 1%.

The Dems have the wrong strategy with this mayoral race. Its a time to pull and not push. As Dems we should be less concerned about just trying to get a women elected mayor and more concerned about stopping a second coming of Thune coming into play.

In the 1990s, many Democrats voted for Gary Hanson over Jack Rentschler for mayor in ’94 and were more concerned about electing Tim Johnson then Rick Weiland in ’96. The result of those overall brilliant strategies was that Hanson and Thune are still around. In fact, the GOP even used Hanson to tried to stop Pat Starr’s election in 2016, which was a race decided by what, 48 votes?

Democrats, with an uneven dependence or interest in social justice over economic justice, fail to understand politics at times and rather see it merely as a mission and not a craft. This reality is why Trump is president today. Hillary was a flawed candidate, in my opinion, in too many ways to go into right now, but she was also seen as the most plausible women candidate who could win the presidency in our time, so the establishment gave her the nomination, but in doing so, they gave us Trump. This same blind logic, I am afraid and, although, with good intention, is going to fail us once again as Democrats, and those of us who are left center, in this upcoming Sioux Falls mayoral race….. You just watch…….…….#WhereIsThe”Strategerie?”

As far as our Mayor, well, he needs to drop the Janklow thing. It is the reason he is in the political pickle that he is in right now. A lot of successful people often make it by mirroring those they admire. Whether it be Bob Dylan with Woody Guthrie, Chris Farley with John Belushi, Michael Jackson with Donna Summers, or Clinton with JFK, these obsessions can make one, but they can also break one over time if one does not know when to separate from an obsession or inspiration to be yourself, and in so doing, find your original and better self. Those who inspire us are to be an inspiration and not an obsession. We should take the good from them, knowing that we can never be them and knowing no one is perfect, but we should not allow ourselves to think that the “Great” are perfect, and thus blindly emulate their “perfection”….

#2 The D@ily Spin on 01.30.18 at 1:51 pm

I fear Entenman will win. No worries, the city bond rating is low and there’s to much debt for more Denty-like projects. However, the Trump tax bill will put more money in people’s pockets that they’ll spend such that there will be a tax revenue winfall. Entenman will blow it on more unjustified private business TIF’s.
Huether, oh well. What do you expect from someone who will soon escape from felony public funds irregularity. This city is a business. The executives escape with a golden parachute while investors lose their stock value. Rename the city Enron?

#3 Michael Wyland on 01.30.18 at 5:06 pm

Don’t know where you get the info that the city’s bond rating is low. Moody’s rates Sioux Falls municipal debt (as of Oct. 2017) as Aa1, which is one step below Aaa, (triple-A), Moody’s highest rating.

#4 ThePopular on 02.01.18 at 10:36 pm

Yes, just what we need is TenHater. A blatantly anti-gay mayor to take Sioux Falls back three decades. No thanks. And P.S. KAJ will get more votes than TenHater – just wait and see.