UPDATE: Removing Hultgren’s Name from Parking Ramp guarantors changes nothing

UPDATE: Pat Starr does a good job on Belfrage this morning explaining the games being played by council leadership, especially Erickson and Kiley.

Norm Drake is still involved with a LLC that was created Thursday (Dec 28). One of the ‘Bad Players’ that was involved with the Copper Lounge collapse and asbestos removal, and recently got a state loan denied with a project Drake is involved with at Flopdation Park;

Councilor Christine Erickson asked about a previously unknown limited liability company formed last week called Village River Group, which, according to the Community Development Office, will take the reins from Legacy Developments from this point on.

Village River Group manager Jeffrey Lamont will also replace Hultgren as a contract guarantor for the project. Norm Drake and the names of two other Legacy Developments officials will remain on the contract.

“If something were to not go as planned and there’s an issue at the limited liability company level, we have the ability to go to them as individuals to force the completion of the project,” said Daren Ketcham, Sioux Falls Community Development Director.

Hultgren continues serve as director of operations and development for Legacy Developments.

While Erickson and a few others in the room were aware of Village River Group’s formation, dated Dec. 28, 2017, on the South Dakota Secretary of State’s website, Councilor Starr said following the meaning it was a complete surprise to him. He’d never heard of Village River Group before, or that Legacy Developments and the city ever had aspirations to hand the project off.

“I think the solution to a problem is to face it head on and not form another LLC,” said Starr, who co-sponsored the repeal proposal. “I believe (Village River Group) being formed was in reaction to Councilor Stehly and I gaining support to get the project repealed.”

Should more damning information about Legacy Developments officials surface before the project bonds are sold this spring, Starr said the Council could make another attempt at a repeal.

As Sneve points out, Norm Drake and Legacy are still involved, they just changed the name of the LLC. Hultgren still works for Legacy. Nothing has changed but some paperwork. The move by the developer guarantors was about as slimy as you get, and quite frankly, pretty sloppy. But what makes it even more slimy is that 5 city councilors, SELBERG, ERICKSON, KILEY, ERPENBACH AND WALTER ROLFING VOTED AGAINST THE REPEAL. Like I said, it was obvious what they were trying to do, change the perception to the public by removing Hultgren’s name, but if the same people are involved, it changes NOTHING. A group of us laughed out loud when the 5 councilors thought they were pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. Not only did they look arrogant and out of touch, they looked incredibly stupid to think the public has been hoodwinked. I was truly embarrassed by the fact a majority of our council would still go along with this. I guess nothing surprises me anymore from this group who seemed to have lost their way and quite honestly their souls.


#1 observer on 01.03.18 at 9:04 am

rolfing is just flat out stupid. kiley is arrogant and will never admit he’s wrong. erpenbach is more concerned about potential trouble with a 3 seat casino than the actual lives that have been affected by these developers. so no surprise from those three. the other 2… keep in mind both erickson and selberg are heavily tied to the real estate community. suppose there might be some connections/influence there? i wonder.

#2 John Williams on 01.03.18 at 9:09 am

Looking forward to the next elections! Never been as determined in local politics to get these rubber stamps out of office. Christine Erickson’s blatant collusion with the interested parties was on full display last night. Sioux Falls will reap what they sow if there are no consequences from all of this politically and factually with development projects.

#3 The D@ily Spin on 01.03.18 at 11:11 am

Four of the five councilors who voted wrong are term limited or up for re-election. This vote should keep Kiley and Erickson from being re-elected. Selberg, the outsider, can be taken out with an ethics complaint.

How can the new mayor and 4 new councilors get elected? Promise to stop this foolishness and/or reset the bid process. The terms are full of exceptions to use against anything Hultgren or aka Legacy.

With the smoke screens, criminal charges, lower bond rating, and corruption; it’s going to be hard to sell bonds. This is Mafia Mike’s last stand. It can be overturned by the next mayor with the help of Wall Street.

#4 The D@ily Spin on 01.03.18 at 11:28 am

We’re soon broke. Stop giving public money for private purposes. Digital currency replaces credit cards. Ag prices are stagnant. The internet replaces sales tax. Hospitals can’t get paid without Obamacare and because nobody can afford insurance. The next mayor is in trouble trying to make Mafia Mike bond payments.

#5 4 New Councilors 2018!!! on 01.03.18 at 11:29 am

SO TRUE!!! Removing Hultgren does nothing. What remains factual is the character of the remaining top three (Drake) is no different that than of Hultgren. They were all in on the LLC switch to avoid fines.

Additionally the character of the 5 supportive councilors is just as dirty and questionable. They secretively guarded the newly formed Village River Group from council members Starr and Stehly, and voted to disregard the public’s concerns.

We need candidates to take out deceptive, arrogant Erickson and sneaky, Rolfing cloned Kiley! Both are Huether’s lap dogs! Let’s get them gone!!

Get out and encourage people to run!!

#6 The D@ily Spin on 01.03.18 at 2:11 pm

I heard the 5 councilors will be recognized with a heads ice sculpture on Mount Great Bear. Seems appropriate, they’ll melt before the election.

#7 Emoluments Clause on 01.03.18 at 3:38 pm

But it helps with “optics.”

#8 Blasphemo on 01.03.18 at 10:29 pm

D@ily Spin: perhaps a head LICE sculpture would be more apropos in recognition of the embarrassing lack of ethical hygiene these 5 represent.