Unions in Sioux Falls continue to get suckered by this guy

This picture appeared on FB with this tagline;

Achut Deng, UFCW Member, rallies the crowd of 2500 people in support of The Labor Movement. And Union Workers march together at the Sioux Falls Women’s March.

The last thing ANY union member in Sioux Falls wants is to be pictured with this man rallying for unions. Not only did he take advantage of the unions by posing as a fake Democrat to get elected to his first term, he has fought hard as mayor to work against the unions when it comes to benefits, pension and raises.

The next time Mike climbs on stage with a union member, they need to politely ask him to leave.


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.22.18 at 9:37 pm

Hey, it’s time to be rick rolled again:


#2 The D@ily Spin on 01.23.18 at 12:08 pm

Anything for a photo op! Even a sex change.

#3 jerrbear on 01.23.18 at 4:24 pm

Trust me, there’s enough regret to fill any Ocean you choose. He came on as a champion of the working guy, we bought it and he bent us over. He knows it, we know it and you know it. Fortunately his real personality is coming to light. He’s a me-first ass-hat of the Nth degree. He is only looking out for the people that can elevate him. Anyone else is cannon fodder. I hope he realizes his “retirement tour” of certain city departments is at best cringe worthy and no city employee is going to tell him how glad they are to see him leave. They may fake the smiles and engage in small talk but I guarantee nobody will miss that D-bag. If the general public knew how he really treated people they would be shocked. He’s a fake of the highest order and his protege, Diamond Jim, is just as douchey as him. Hopefully High Interest Loan Huether has pissed off enough voters to make Diamond Jim’s climb more difficult. The Premiere Center and it’s absolutely red-neck siding, the Twin Eagles neighborhood folks, city employees, financial conservatives; they should all have a axe to grind against Diamond Jim.

#4 l3wis on 01.23.18 at 4:40 pm

I know that I have probably mentioned this before, but when MMM was running for his first term there was a group of FP employees that were considering doing a video about what it was like working for Mike and the kind of boss he was. They chickened out. But I have talked to several of his past employees in private and they don’t have kind words. And I have rarely heard a kind word from city employees either. I have often joked that at his last city council meeting I may throw up confetti and blow noise makers.

#5 scott on 01.23.18 at 5:53 pm

the teamsters local gave him money for his first election. they gave to jamison the next time.

#6 Fluff Mc Fluffin on 01.23.18 at 7:01 pm

Mein Gott his teeth are yellow…..

#7 Joy Tuscherer on 01.29.18 at 6:51 pm

As a volunteer in charge of PR for this year’s 2018 March, I gave public input at a city Council meeting the Tuesday prior and invited the mayor and the city Council members to march. I did not, I repeat, I did not ask him to speak. He reached out to Planned Parenthood and more or less invited himself. Jean B. took it upon herself to ask a handful of her chosen people and make the decision without consulting with me. I did not know he was even going to speak until the day before the March. Trust me, I fought like hell to get them to un-invite him. I was told it would get us media coverage – which to be honest with you infuriated me since I was the one doing all the PR, I’m the one contacting all the media outlets and sending out press releases; and if I don’t know he’s speaking then the press doesn’t know he’s speaking, then your whole he’s here to give us media coverage argument is moot. “But he’s giving us the key to the city”, I was told. I said we don’t need a key to the city nor do we need a man speaking 1st and then to giving us permission to March. He has done absolutely nothing for women in this community. I have gone before city Council on numerous occasions with legitimate concerns concerning accessibility issues and serving the survivors of sex trafficking and he has fought me the entire way. Not to mention his bargaining style with unions. Obviously, and sadly I lost that battle.