Sioux Falls Park Board Meeting, Tuesday


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

3:00 p.m. Regular Board Meeting

Downtown Library, 200 N. Main Ave., Meeting Room B


1. Roll call and determination of quorum

2. Approval of minutes from January 16, 2018 meeting

3. Public input

4. Report of standing committees

a. Marketing and Public Needs

b. Park System Planning and Development

c. Partnerships and Recreation

5. Unfinished business

6. New business

a. Gate Fee Applications:

Tournaments – Scott Juhnke

JazzFest – Jackie Nelson

b. Great Bear Management Agreement – Kelby Mieras, Dan Grider, Steve Sanford

c. CIP 2019-2023 Work Session – Tory Miedema, Mike Patten

7. Report of Director of Parks and Recreation

a. Community Center report – January

b. Aquatics report – January

c. Ice Rink Report – January

d. Golf Course – December/Year End

e. Administrative issues report

8. Items added after the agenda deadline

a. The Parks and Recreation Board may include other such business as may come before

this body.

9. Reading of communications to the Board

10. Open board discussion

11. Adjournment

Upcoming events: No scheduled press conferences or ribbon cuttings

*DaCola Note: I find it interesting that they will be discussing the CIP 2019-2023 before a new administration come in.

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#1 anonymous on 02.17.18 at 9:56 am

Why is this meeting starting at 3:00?

For years, the regular monthly meeting of the Park Board has always started at 4:00 unless there is some special circumstance (example: a Board tour prior to the start of the monthly meeting).