The Liquor Licensing System has been problematic for years

Like most things South Dakotan, you have to be a rich Republican to do business. Liquor licenses are a prime example of this;

“The regular on-sale liquor license is $192,360,” said Palmer.

So guess who gobbles these up? The wealthy or the large corporations. That’s how HyVee liquor put all the little mom and pop liquor stores out of business around town.

I have often said that since beer and wine licenses are handed out like candy for a minimal cost, a full ‘alcohol’ license in SD should be renewed each year like them and get rid of businesses using liquor licenses like assets. Some argue, ‘What about those who have bought an expensive liquor license already?’ It’s simple, you can pro-rate them. For instance let’s say the yearly fee is $10K. If you bought your license 10 years ago for $100K and we give you a $1K a year credit for however long you have owned it you would have a license credit of $11oK. That would mean for 11 years the licensing fee would be waived due to the credit. I would also allow that credit to transfer to other owners AS LONG as the location of the establishment DOES NOT change.

It would also generate a lot more revenue for the state, counties and cities.

Of course Pierre is full of rich Republican OLD businessmen who are their to line their own pockets and anybody with new ideas are F’ing Lying B—-s!


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