While the mayor dresses up in costumes, CityLink still hasn’t had a PSA about the city election

A few weeks ago I asked the city council and mayor why CityLink doesn’t run a PSA about the city election? Or interview our City Clerk, Tom Greco for an Inside Town Hall about the election? There are many things to discuss, like time of the Election and Runoff, the Precincts, how many candidates, when you can absentee vote, etc, etc.

Funny how when we were trying to build an indoor pool there was all kinds of public meetings, yet with an election a little over a month away not a peep from CityLink.

Hey, but we have plenty of money to dress our mayor up like Elmer Fudd and drool on people at Pheasant Fest for over an hour.


#1 Blasphemo on 02.23.18 at 6:54 pm

COSF ought to be using any & all means to do a “Get Out The Vote” PR campaign for each & every election. City Hall could buy a lot of billboards, & direct mail – in addition to blanketing City Hall’s own cable channel with voting info – for what they spend on consultants, feasibility studies and private practice lawyers.

#2 LJL on 02.23.18 at 7:11 pm

Yet another city funded Huether campaign opportunity.