Can you imagine if they tried to open a place like this in Downtown Sioux Falls?

Not sure how many of my readers of South DaCola have been to downtown Rapid City, but it’s very ecletic and fun. There’s your normal gift shops and galleries with a nice mix of bars, restaurants and a brewery, but there also some unique places like the Mud Hole.

Teresa Roland and her husband David run the Mud Hole, which combines an antique and thrift store, and a café.

My first thought is that it would cool to have something like this in Downtown Sioux Falls. But can you imagine all the hooping and hollering that would go on if someone applied for a conditional use permit to have something like this in DTSF? I remember all the screaming that went on when Vishnu Bunny came downtown, or when the Night Club concept was turned down. Or the recent noise issues at ICON.

Would DTSF support such a business? We know that the new parking ramp has set up rules that doesn’t allow ‘thrift stores’ in the retail space. But we also know that DTSF already has an upscale thrift store. Would a combination café/thrift store be suitable though?

I don’t have an issue with it, what do you think?

I have felt for a long time there should be more diversity DTSF, and more homespun businesses like this would be a nice addition to our downtown.

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#1 CJL on 03.21.18 at 11:22 am

Bring on the Biscuits and Gravy! I wouldn’t care if it’s a thrift shop or an upscale art gallery, as long as the foods’ good.

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