Besides the fact that they have received no evidence;

The Attorney General’s statement does say investigators on this case are waiting on records from other social media entities.

The timing of this press release is questionable.

Remember when Marty’s buddy Rounds was running for Senate and they couldn’t comment on an ‘ongoing’ investigation into EB-5 during a campaign? But it seems for some reason it is OK for the AG to say they have essentially ‘found nothing’ because, well they have ‘nothing’ a couple days before an election who just happens to have a Republican VS a Democrat.

Gee, that’s not questionable at all. Marty Jackley wouldn’t do anything underhanded like that? Would he? That would be like saying a guy killed himself using a 5-Foot branch, but we won’t let you see the autopsy, just trust us.

Reminds me of when TenHaken was helping his buddy Pity Pat out move servers around the country to hide his campaign store and when we questioned the obvious conflict of interest Jackley says, “They didn’t steal anything. Investigation closed.”

Jackley has made a mockery of the AG office.

During the debate tonight, TenHaken said a major endorsement is coming. Wonder if that is from Jackley? I would think he would be smarter than that while running for Governor, but who knows, the Silver Fox wiggles his way out of all kinds of things.

13 Thoughts on “AG has a double standard on interfering with an election

  1. Warren Phear on April 25, 2018 at 8:42 pm said:

    Major endorsement? That would be his campaign director lavelle, assuring him as a member of the Argus editorial board, he has it in the bag.

  2. I told Paul’s campaign coordinator after the debate tonight that I hoped it wasn’t Jackley that was endorsing him. That’s an endorsement that can only hurt, not help him.

    I’m hoping the endorsement is someone that will not polarize anyone like Thune or Daugaard.

  3. So let me get this right. If a bank robber attempts to burglarize a bank but fails to enter the bank, then no crime has been committed? Because that is what the AG is saying when they suggest that a failed hack is not a crime.

    This entire presumptive release by the AG’s office has a Comeysque quality about it, which is obviously designed not to speak to the truth but rather to protect and promote the candidacy of PTH.

    For the AG’s office to quantify criminal activity in this manner is a gross violation of ones constitutional duty to uphold the law and not politicalize the AG office. However, Marty has failed this test with this political stunt here, which was not meant to honestly inform but rather to dishonestly confuse the Sioux Falls voter.

    The totality of this political maneuvering only further explains why the EB5 scandal was merely a $ 2000 fine and the GEARUP scandal was strategically limited to Platte.

    So it is now up to the women of Sioux Falls. Don’t let the mens club, the Republican establishment, get a way with this. Don’t let them get a way with suggesting there was no hacking, when the real issue is not if it was successful, but that there was actually an attempt at least, which the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s office and DCI have yet to deny.

    Don’t let the NixonHagen forces claim that this is over and an other “nothing burger” either. Because it is not over, and the arrogance of the Republican establishment which does not honestly investigate scandals which could reflect badly on them and will do anything to stay in power cannot be tolerated anymore…. So It’s up to you, the women of Sioux Falls, to say no to this partisan dishonestly and say yes to transparency in Sioux Falls politics by voting for Jo next Tuesday…..


  4. VSG – ah yes, Jolene “Transparency” Loetscher. She was, at best, disingenuous about the alleged “threat” in PTH’s voicemail. At worst, she lied. The egg on her face will be washed away by tears after her loss on Tuesday.

    Seriously though she has the worst campaign strategist ever blowing her load too early on this. If the hacking and voicemail news came out on Friday there wouldn’t have been time to prove her a liar before the election! Rookie mistake.

  5. Lincoln County Delegate on April 26, 2018 at 7:24 am said:

    If I heard Paul correctly during the debate it sounded like he was referring to a group of individuals that would be endorsing him not just one person. From the way I interpreted it is that there would be a bunch of community leaders or elected officials or something. I will agree that it would not look good if Jackley endorsed him. That would only give Jolene’s campaign ammunition to attack him. Plus it could turn away Noem supporters.

  6. My Mistake Mike on April 26, 2018 at 8:09 am said:

    J – I call that “premature manipulation”

  7. Agree’d J. The cheap campaign tricks of #LyingLoetscher will hurt her more than help. It was clear last night that Paul has taken the high road.

  8. J and WRONG,

    PTH demonstrated “consciousness of guilt” when he changed the means of his response from a potential Facebook comment to an actual phone call. Because he would have never used the “tool” phrase in a FB comment. He knew what he was doing and we know what he was doing.

    It’s time for the women in Sioux Falls to ask if they want a bunch of white men from the AG’s office, the SF Police Dept, and the SDBio Tech Assoc. to decide who will be the next mayor of Sioux Falls, or do they want the people of Sioux Falls to make that decision?

    And I still want to know why our AG has a different standard when it comes to scandals and elections when a Republican candidate’s fate is in question, but when it can damage – by giving the appearance through disinformation or lack of information – a Democrat, then he has no problem interfering in the race. Jackley has become South Dakota’s Comey…..

  9. VSG – Joni Johnson, the executive director of SD Biotech who had no clue what Jolene’s business was and said that Jolene wasn’t a member, is an old white man? I might need to go get glasses because that looks like a young woman to me!

    Keep your eyes on Paul’s Facebook page tomorrow if you want to know what the women of Sioux Falls think and who they are voting for.

  10. The Guy from Guernsey on April 27, 2018 at 6:56 am said:

    Are the members of The Red Hat Society going to endorse the Dutch apparatchik of the digital dark?

  11. The Guy from Guernsey on April 27, 2018 at 7:13 am said:

    Ohhh, South Dakota DCI has investigated and found nothing. Laughable.
    At the highest level – simply Marty’s henchmen. Granting the appearance of a full, legitimate investigation in criminal matters connected to the Pierre establishment after offering only superficial and cursory attention to the incident. These folks would not find their bung with both hands – because Jackley has instructed them to place one hand over their eyes (see nothing) and another over their mouth (say nothing).
    To the lowest level – perhaps the most inept crime investigating unit in the U.S.A. This is is especially true for the digital crimes alleged in this case. There is more ability to slueth this case in a single dorm room at DSU than in all of South Dakota DCI combined. These folks could not find their bung with both hands – they are that bad.
    I am not able to think of a single case which has been investigated under Marty Jackley’s watch which I could respect as outstanding investigative work.

  12. The Guy from Guernsey on April 27, 2018 at 7:18 am said:

    I cannot wait for the requisite Jackley press conference in which he stands forward to close this case with the pronouncement that “the dead guy did it (again)”.

  13. l3wis on April 27, 2018 at 7:46 am said:

    GFG –

    Yeah, Marty would never allow a child molester get off on a plea deal when they were abusing Native American foster children. And he certainly wouldn’t allow one of his DCI officers to be sexually harassed, over and over again, and certainly wouldn’t try to cover it up. He also wouldn’t give immunity to an entire Huetterite colony over petitions to prosecute ONE candidate for petition fraud. He also wouldn’t put a gag order on a autopsy of a guy who mysteriously shot himself using the mouse trap game. He also wouldn’t connect the dots on millions of dollars of grant money that disappeared into thin air. I mean if a classroom of poli-sci students with a roll of yarn and googles on the internets couldn’t connect the dots how could DCI? Wait. He also wouldn’t close an investigation until he actually viewed security footage and interviewed witnesses when a SF resident alleges they got a tooth knocked out by a public official at a public meeting.

    Marty Jackley would NEVER do any of those things.

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